CHATHAM, NJ - Chatham residents Ben Von Doussa and John Barton came before the Borough of Chatham Council on Monday night to explain that they have recently obtained a license from New Jersey to sell out-of-state wine and will soon be open for business.

Von Doussa and Barton have partnered with winemaker Ned Morris of Walla Walla, Washington, who will produce the wine blends designed by Von Doussa and Barton. The Chatham entrepreneurs will provide wine to Chatham and nearby state residents from their company Reasons, based in Chatham.

Barton offered that the wine purchases could be delivered to Chatham homes. "We can bring it to you," he said.

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The out-of-state winery license is for small wineries, which would be about 250,000 gallons of wine sold per year, according to Von Doussa.

Right now, the plan in the works is to try and carve out an arrangement with DRIP Coffee, at 262 Main Street in Chatham, to offer their wines in the evenings. The license allows for the sale in an outlet or a tasting room.



"What this basically means is that we can sell our wine at any retail outlet in Chatham or the state of New Jersey," Barton said. "As we look at Chatham and the types of businesses we are interested in selling in. BYO's are a big target. We could sell our wine in a BYO restaurant, even though they don't have a liquor license."

Chatham winemaker John Barton, a partner in "Reasons" explains how the licenses for out-of-state wineries became available in New Jersey and how he plans to sell the wine in Chatham

Ben Von Doussa, Chatham winemaker, gives the Chatham Borough Council some background on his company that he owns with John Barton

Ben Von Doussa talks about the wines his company "Reasons" might offer or develop through winemaker Ned Morris out of Walla Walla, Washington