MAPLEWOOD, NJ – DCH Millburn Audi General Manager Alfred Khouri said “Local is in our DNA,” “We love to be in Maplewood.” That’s why DCH Millburn Audi is expanding to add 16 lifts. “We’re going to be expanding service so that we can service our customers quicker,” said Khouri.

The new look to the dealership’s building on Millburn Avenue will include what’s called a terminal design, similar to the building structure at many airports, a perforated and corrugated finish to the building, more than a dozen new lifts, doubling the number that is there currently, and a parking area under the building.

The current revamp will give the building a more modern look and feel. It will also better serve customers at the growing dealership right here in Maplewood, according to Khouri. The project received height variance approval from the Township of Maplewood in 2017.

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As evidenced by the expansion, DCH Millburn Audi is excited about serving its customers from a local location. Although Audi Corporate had suggested a move to Route 22, Khouri said it was important for DCH Millburn Audi to stay local.

Construction work in the DCH Millburn Audi parking lot is expected to be completed in December 2020.

DCH Millburn Audi will also be bringing in electric cars and service technicians for them, according to Khouri, a move to keep up with the changing corporate model.

“The electric car is going to be huge,” said Khouri. “This is something that Audi is fully-committed to. It’s a performance electric vehicle with the Audi DNA and the way it drives. “It’s going to be an electric car for the car enthusiast.”

Although Audi anticipates that its A6, A7, A8, Q7 and SQ5 customers will be those most attracted to buying electric cars, the company wants to have an electric option on every Audi model. The cars will have a quiet engine and no lag time from when the driver steps on the accelerator and the car drives.

Called e-trons, the cars will have "the ferocity of quattro all-wheel drive performance, can charge up to 80 percent in approximately 30 minutes, and will electrify America's vast nationwide network," according to the Audi dealership.