EAST ORANGE, NJ – Dozens of residents, elected officials, municipal employees and community stakeholders convened outside City Hall Thursday afternoon in response to East Orange Mayor Lester Taylor’s invitation to join him as he made a major announcement to the citizenry. 

In a reflective, yet somber tone, Taylor announced he would not be seeking a second term as East Orange Mayor. In his address, he noted the reason for his decision was that the demands of the job often caused him to miss valuable time with his young children and wife. Taylor is widely know as a ‘family first’ oriented person; and given the rigors of the position, he thought it best to conclude this chapter of his public service.

“Over the past 4 years, there hasn't been a night that my children didn't ask Daddy will you be home before we go to bed; Daddy can you take us ice skating or to the park; or Daddy can you go on my field trip. Too often I let them down as my staff and I worked long hours to ensure we were getting our city back on the right track. After some soul-searching and many conversations with my wife, I decided nothing should come before my family.”

Taylor was joined by Essex County Democratic Committee Chairman Leroy Jones, Jr. who spoke in glowing terms of the accomplishments made by the Taylor Administration over the last three year; and the fortitude it undoubtedly took for Taylor to come to this difficult decision.