CEDAR GROVE, NJ - Cedar Grove police and fire departments responded to Rugby Road on Saturday to extinguish a fire caused by discarded fireworks. 

The officers and firefighters arrived at around 9:20 p.m. to investigate a heavy smoke condition -- the source of the smoke was a small fire inside the home's garage.  The homeowner was able to extinguish the fire with a garden hose.  Detectives determined that discarded pieces of used fireworks had been placed in a box in the garage. Those pieces reignited causing the fire.

In response to the incident, Cedar Grove police and fire officials are urging resident to use extreme caution when using fireworks, reminding residents that firecrackers, Roman candles and bottle rockets are illegal. While non-aerial fireworks such as sparklers are legal in New Jersey, police say it is important to remember that even legal fireworks are inherently dangerous due to the extreme temperatures they reach while burning.  When disposing of fireworks it is recommended that used or “dud” fireworks be soaked in a bucket overnight then double wrapped in plastic so that they do not dry out. They can then be discarded with household garbage, according to police.  

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