Abigail Rubino, daughter of Summit Common Councilman Robert Rubino, checks out the Hilltop City's newest downtown art project -- a City logo that magically appears only when it rains.
The science behind the 'now you see it' Summit brand is courtesy of a hydrophobic paint coating that allows -- in this case -- the City of Summit logo to come to life when Mother Nature decides to go the precipitation route.
The 3' x 3' art is located at the corners of Springfield Avenue and Maple Street as well as at City Hall, with the paint coming via a donation from Abigail's dad, and the artwork itself from volunteer Sophia Verdi, a Rutgers-Mason Gross School of Art student, volunteered to do the art work.
Designed to brighten up a rainy day for downtown visitors, shoppers and diners and to promote the Summit brand, the logos could be applied in to other locations If the experiment is deemed successful.
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