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November 17th 2016


New Jersey Peace Action  Presents:

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Colonel (ret) Ann Wright speaking on:

"Global Flashpoints: The Courage to Resist"

at New Jersey peace Action’s 59th Annual Fall Peace Gathering

Contact:  Madelyn Hoffman, Executive Director, New Jersey Peace Action at (973)259-1126 (office) or (973)876-1023 (Cell)


"By taking to the streets, thousands of Americans around our country are expressing the concerns of millions of fellow citizens about the radical platform of the Trump presidency.  We must let President Trump know we do not agree with the racism, hate and bigotry he displayed during the campaign!  We will unite--but against these terrible aspects of American history and culture."


New Jersey Peace Action - NJPA looks forward to their 59th Fall Peace Gathering Saturday November 19th at Bloomfield High School, 160 Broad Street, Bloomfield from 1:00pm until 4:00pm. After a grueling U.S. presidential election, NJPA’s fall program featuring Colonel (Ret.) Ann Wright speaking on “Global Flashpoints: The Courage to Resist,” will enlighten attendees on current crises around the world that if not handled carefully could lead to expanded war (World War III). Ann Wright is a long renowned voice of dissent against the Pentagon’s campaigns of US engagement in wars which has now spanned four administrations.   


Madelyn Hoffman, Director of New Jersey Peace Action, said, “NJPA informs the public on how global unrest of this magnitude impacts the world and our economy here at home. We are excited to welcome Ann Wright, the coauthor of Dissent: Voices of Conscience, a book that describes the courage necessary for government insiders to speak out against what they saw as an illegal war against Iraq. In today’s increasingly volatile world, people who have the courage to resist, like Ann Wright, inspire us to keep working for a more peaceful world.”


Post-2003 private citizen Ann Wright has become an outspoken voice for peace and a part of many instances of peaceful organized resistance.  Her travels have taken her most recently to North Dakota with Native Americans opposing the oil pipeline through sacred lands. She participated in a peace mission to Moscow. Her travels to Japan were in protest to an expanded U.S. military base in Okinawa, Japan and she also participated in the Women's Walk to End the Korean War. In early October, she was part of the October 2016 Women's Boat to Gaza.  This sea tour was a continued mission against the Israeli embargo on Gaza.   


NJPA’s 59th Annual Fall Peace Gathering will be held from 1-4 p.m. It includes a silent auction and refreshments.  For more info on tickets call (973) 259-1126 or order online at 


NJPA is part of the nation’s largest grassroots peace organizations and one of the oldest, founded in November 1957. NJPA’s mission: ordinary people working to eliminate nuclear weapons, reduce military spending, support global peacemaking, and restore the wellbeing of our planet.  In their 59th year NJPA remains a strong beacon and advocate for peace that brings together people from churches, temples, mosques, schools, veteran groups, government representatives and societies.