ROBBINSVILLE, NJ -  The New Jersey Interscholastic Athletic Association has released on its website the 2018 Video Review Manual for high school football.  The NJSIAA was granted permission by the the National Federation of High School Athletics to experiment with the use of replay video technology to assist game officials in the 2018 season.

In 2018, schools will be selected on a voluntary basis to participate in the season-long experiment.  To participate, the schools must be in full compliance with the new regulations for replay. The regulations cover adequate personnel, type of equipment, and a secure location for replay equipment to be utilized, and what camera angles should be used.

At least four cameras would be required, one on each sideline, and one in each end zone, for a game to be eligible.  

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Coaches will be able to initiate a challenge by using one of their three time outs, and informing the referees of their intent challenge.  In the final three minutes of the game, if a team is out of timeouts and wishes to challenge, it can, but will be charged a timeout if it is wrong.  Teams will also not be allowed to challenge if they are up more than 17 points with less two minutes, or if the game is in "running time" with the losing team down more than 35 points

The referee, along with one other official, will then perform the review. The call will be presumed to be correct unless the replay official is “convinced beyond all doubt by indisputable video evidence through one or more video replays provided to the video replay monitor /device”. 

"c. All reviews shall be based upon video evidence provided by and coming directly from the televised production (if used) of the game or from other video means available (Hudl Sideline) to the replay official.”

. The types of plays that can be reviewed include:

  1. Catch/No Catch
  2. Forward Progress
  3. Fumble
  4. Goal Line/Pylon
  5. Forward Momentum
  6. Passing
  7. Runner Down
  8. Safety

Additionally, a case book has been outlined as part of the guidance covering specific plays and what the call should be.

There is not an official schedule yet released as to which games will have replay, and which ones will not, although it has been reported that the August 30 between Pompton Lakes and New Milford will be the first game. 

Replay Review Committee members:

Jack Dubois, NJSIAA Assistant Director Carmine Picardo, Committee Chair, NJSIAA Football Officials Coordinator Bill Surdoval, NJSIAA Football Rules Interpreter Joe Ricciardelli, Athletic Director, New Milford High Todd Ricker, Athletic Director, Parsippany Hills High Dave LaGamba, Athletic Director, Millville High Chris Ferrone, Athletic Director, Point Pleasant High Boro Drew Gibbs, Head Football Coach, Ramapo High Tim Gushue, Head Football Coach, Shawnee High Brian Bowers, Head Football Coach, Delbarton School