BLOOMFIELD, NJ- The Bloomfield Fire Department held it's 29th Annual Open House last week and it was a big hit for kids as well as adults.  The Open House featured a variety of fun games including "guess the weight of a large pumpkin" and a Bloomfield Fire Department trivia contest .There was also a station where kids could spray an actual fire hose at a simulated fire and Bloomfield fire crews performed a live demonstration of an auto extrication.

The crowd of over 150 also enjoyed face painting, fire department giveaways and plenty of refreshments including a Mister Softee ice cream truck that always had a line of children taking advantage of a delicious ice cream cone. "All in all there were a lot of happy faces, most with cotton candy stuck to it. It was quite a night!" said Acting Fire Official Tom Wilson, one of the main coordinators of the event.