MONTCLAIR, NJ - Just what exactly is a parklet, you may ask? A Parklet is the use of a parking space to serve another purpose, says Montclair Center BID Director, Israel Cronk. In this case, Montclair has repurposed a parking space to foster community and conversation. 

The parklet is most identified as a sidewalk extension that provides more space and amenities for people using the street. The initiative has been launched in cities around the United States such as San Francisco and New York. They are usually installed on parking lanes and use several parking spaces.

Cronk and many Montclair leaders, are starring in a video released Tuesday by Bike & Walk Montclair.

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The first Montclair parklet was unveiled on Glenridge Avenue during the Opens Streets Festival. Residents were seen enjoying a conversation or two and resting in the chairs located at the parklet.

A stationary structure has been built outside of MishMish Cafe and Dolly Moo on Glenridge Avenue.