NORTH CALDWELL,NJ- What do you get when you combine a legal eagle, a catering creative , a master mixologist  and a prime location on one of NJ most iconic avenues? Jola. 

According to Fundler’s dictionary, Jola is the state of consistently treating others in a warm, friendly generous manner causing desire for them to return. A second definition would be rich, nectarous ( as in nectar of the gods) coffee. A third definition would be the combination of Larry & Jodi Fundler’s names, creating the name of North Caldwell’s newest hot spot, Jola.

Both left careers in Florham Park recently, led by entrepreneurial spirit and an A-HA moment Jodi experienced on a recent coffee tour in New York.  Along with an introduction to Counter Culture Coffee, came education, enlightenment and the realization that they were everything the Fundler’s wanted to be. Enter some prime real estate in the place they call home and the dream of Jola became reality.

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Larry and Jodi partnered with Counter Culture Coffee, an environmentally socially and fiscally sustainable coffee, served up freshly ground pulled or poured over, hot iced or cold brewed. Counter Culture works with farmers, exporters, roasters, consumers and customers and they want their story out there.  For more on Counter Culture Coffee click on transparency report    

As the doors are ready to open, the coffee ready to be ground brewed & poured, Jola  is grinding out a few other things including  including fresh baked cookies, super nutrition packed protein balls and an exclusive menu of masterfully mixed beverages blending coffee with creative  ingredients as maple cream and bitters.  The aroma is captivating at the pour over bar but equally as inviting is the passion that drives the Fundlers to serve the community. From the warm welcome you feel when you walk in to the warm (or cold) wonderful cupful, Jola is an experience one will not soon forget.  Hours of operation are 6:30am-6pm

Jola Coffee

15 Bloomfield Ave

N. Caldwell


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