BLOOMFIELD, NJ-- Throughout the year, Lakewood Drive resident James Joanow has been known in Bloomfield for his unique displays that tend to draw people from all around town to see what creations he's come up with this time.

Halloween is always a favorite for Joanow who once again invites all to visit his 2020 Halloween display at 226 Lakewood Drive.  Joanow boasts that his decorated home is "the biggest Halloween in the Town of Bloomfield." This is the 13th year for James' Halloween Display.

For those interested on visiting this Saturday, James provided the following information;
Halloween House Located at 226 Lakewood Drive Bloomfield New Jersey 

For Halloween, Saturday October 31st
-we will be starting 1:00pm on Halloween.
-social distance is required
-masks are required
-We will have sanitizer throughout the Display
-a table will be set up in the backyard section of display to get candy
-please only one FAMILY at the candy table at a time