EAST ORANGE, NJ - Our community has been asked to mobilize behind an effort to provide assistance to East Orange residents Bert and Stacie Mentor in support of their brother who recently was in a terrible accident in Thailand. 

Stacie’s brother Amar Taborn was injured in a motorcycle accident while filming “The Love We World Tour” in Thailand due to a monsoon and flash flood. He is critically injured and requires emergency surgery to avoid infection. Because he’s out of the country, and his insurance is not in effect there, the costs must be handled out of pocket.

In speaking to Stacie about Amar’s travel over seas, we discovered that her brother has a concern and mission to spread love all across the world: this particular trip took him to Thailand. Subsequently, his misfortune has given the community an opportunity to show love in kind. 

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Stacie, “My Brother travels the world for love and while he was in Koh Samui Thailand there was a serious of flash floods. He was badly injured and has been hospitalized for days. He requires surgery to avoid infection and to save his life. The American Ambassador of Thailand Warden Paul Hawkins +66-089-909-8563 is working closely on this situation. Please contact him with any questions.”

The Mentors have created a GOFUNDME page at: https://www.gofundme.com/38awdvs for those interested in financially supporting this initiative.