LIVINGSTON, NJ — A group of Livingston High School (LHS) students put civics lessons into practice last week when seven LHS students joined students from neighboring communities to advocate at the office of District 11 Congressman, Rodney Frelinghuysen. 

The group spent approximately 15 minutes with Field Representative Nick D'Alessio as the students advocated for maintaining coverage for preexisting conditions in the ACA and for support of the environment. They also expressed opposition to any Executive Order that targets a specific race, religion, gender, etc. and also asked that the Congressman hold town halls.

“This is our chance to get involved in making sure our Congressman understands the issues we’re concerned about as the future voters and leaders of America,” said LHS student Ari Cohen, who organized the visit. “My entire life I have just been able to watch the biggest political issues unfold. No more. I will be able to vote in July and my voice will be heard. I plan to stay involved and visiting all of my members of Congress. Probably several times in the coming months.”

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The group represents the teen members of the District 11 chapter of Indivisible. Cohen explained that the visit was the kick-off of “Teen Tuesdays.” 

Indivisible Group NJ - District 11, formed in January, is now comprised of more than 150 members—youth and adults. It is part of the larger, nationwide Indivisible movement to prevent the new administration in Washington from using the Republican Congressional majority to reshape America in ways that will move the country away from the values of everyday citizens.

Indivisible District 11 is targeting the three members of Congress representing the 11th Congressional district: Representative Frelinghuysen and Senators Cory Booker and Robert Menendez. The group reaches out to its members of Congress through a variety of methods, including phone calls, in-person meetings, letters and postcards, public appearances, town halls, media events, emails and social media campaigns.

The group can be contacted via email at