BLOOMFIELD, NJ - With just hours to go before Mac-Adley Hyppolite Jr. ('Mac') sets off on his charity bike ride on Monday, he continues to break through fundraising mileposts. 'Mac' is riding from Bloomfield to Fort Lauderdale on bike to raise money for Children's Hospital and Children's Miracle Network.

The original goal on Mac's GoFundMe page was $3,000. That goal was passed weeks ago. Today he is fast approaching the $5200 mark. TAPinto Bloomfield caught up with Mac at his home on Saturday to find out more about this project that has captivated so many in the area.

"We are all doing this together, it's not just me" Mac told us. The theme of a community coming together for the good of everyone has been told by Mac many times - running into some of his friends and fans we learned that his is a part of who he is.

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A quick look at the GoFundMe page retells the story of "doing this together." Most of the donations are $25 or $30, small sums from a lot of people who support what Mac is doing, together.

Bike is not your regular cyclist in spandex drinking Gatorade. He is a regular guy, who wears regular clothes, and has a thing for WaWa coffee and Newark based Law Coffee that can be found in many Exxon stations.  

Mac told us that "you're never alone when you are biking." He shares his GoPro videos across many social media platforms and often finds himself recognized when he is in line, buying coffee. 

Mac pushes off from Bloomfield on Monday morning. the Bloomfield Police Department will provide an escort to the township lne. He plans to get close to Wildwood on Monday night. His entire journey will take most of May to complete. A friend has arranged for him to fly home at the end of the journey.

TAPinto Bloomfield discovered that that Mac is planning to something different next year.. The only thing we can share is that he will "travel farther and explore new territory."

Until then, supporters are encouraged to make donations on the Biking From New Jersey to Florida The page will be open the entire time he is traveling, and all donations of any size are welcome.