I am running for mayor to serve the citizens of Bloomfield to bring honesty, integrity, transparency and leadership back to our municipal government.

As an experienced Bloomfield councilman, business owner and activist, stopping Parkway expansion in Bloomfield, my skills will be used to move Bloomfield to a non-partisan government, to remove the outside political party bosses and vendors controlling our tax dollars.

Bloomfield voters have been disenfranchised. Outside political influences have increased taxes more than 150 percent in 15 years resulting in uncontrolled spending and debt, no bid contracts, party bosses’ patronage jobs, no local "pay to play" legislation, lack of transparency and accountability to all the citizens of Bloomfield whose taxes fund Bloomfield’s government.

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To end corruption, we will call in the State of New Jersey to perform a forensic audit on all township finances and operations. Transparency will return to Bloomfield. We will return to four council meetings a month, answering all questions and concerns. All employees will use the township email system, unlike my opponent who used a personal email account and deletes information on vendors and party bosses he doesn’t want Bloomfield to see.

When my opponent took office in 2011, Bloomfield was the 351st best place to live in New Jersey. Three years later, it dropped to 417, and now 442.

To immediately reverse my opponent’s trend, in the first six months, I will work with town businesses, the board of education and, most importantly, our citizens to reverse my opponents downward spiral by developing a strategic business plan drawing on the positive aspects of our town and marketing Bloomfield’s prominence throughout New Jersey.

Team Tucker – David Tucker, Ciro Spina, Caesar Mazzeo and Hector Correa - ask you to vote Line B to set Bloomfield free from corruption. "A Vote for Us is a Vote for You."