WASHINGTON, DC - Montclair resident, Samuel Flood was selected along with several other New Jersey residents to participate in the White House Internship Program for the Fall 2016 session.

Flood currently attends Colgate University.

The mission of the program is to make the White House accessible to future leaders around the nation and to prepare those devoted to public service for future leadership opportunities.

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According to a release, the White House Internship provides a unique opportunity to gain valuable professional experience and build leadership skills.

Interns work in one of several White House departments, including the Domestic Policy Council, the National Economic Council, the Office of Cabinet Affairs, the Office of Communications, the Office of Digital Strategy, the Office of the First Lady, the Office of Legislative Affairs, the Office of Management and Administration, the Office of Political Strategy and Outreach, the Office of Presidential Correspondence, the Presidential Personnel Office, the Office of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs, the Office of Scheduling and Advance, the Office of the Vice President, the Office of the White House Counsel, and the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships.

Additional information about the White House Internship Program is available here: www.whitehouse.gov/internships

Fall 2016 White House Interns

The list below includes the Fall 2016 White House Interns, their hometowns, and the higher education institution in which they are enrolled or have attended most recently.


Adeyokunnu, Adebukola Hometown: Bowie, MD; George Mason University, VA

Agabalogun, Omolola Hometown: Egg Harbor Township, NJ; Harvard University, MA

Ahmed, Hauwa Hometown: Fort Washington , MD; University of Maryland, MD

Ahmed, Tuba Hometown: Alexandria, VA; University of Virginia, VA

Akbari, Areeb Hometown: Gurnee, IL; University of Illinois at Chicago, IL

Anglin, Lydia Hometown: Katy, TX; Cornell University, NY

Aranow, Grace Hometown: Dedham, MA; Harvard University, MA

Arnade-Colwill, Liam Hometown: Honolulu, HI; Yale University , CT

Arnold, Olivia Hometown: Flossmoor , IL; Marquette University , WI

Ary, Madeleine Hometown: Simi Valley, CA; University of Cambridge, UK

Atiya, Dima Hometown: Bloomfield Hills, MI; University of Michigan-Dearborn, MI

Baity, Aaron Hometown: Birmingham, AL; Howard University , DC

Baker, Benjamin Hometown: Sylacauga, AL; Auburn University, AL

Barrett, Katherine Hometown: Prunedale, CA; Columbia University, NY

Barris, Hannah Hometown: Paxton, MA; Barnard College, NY

Barzani, Arshan Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ; Georgetown University, DC

Beaton, Isaiah Hometown: Bradenton, FL; American University, DC

Berger, Arielle Hometown: San Clemente, CA; Ohio University, OH

Billings, Susanna Hometown: Tunbridge, VT; American University, DC

Bishop, Lauren Hometown: Jacksonville, FL; Dartmouth College, NH

Blackwell Jr., Troy Hometown: New York, NY; The City College of New York, NY

Boaz, Alexis Hometown: Chattanooga, TN; The George Washington University, DC

Bonita, Blake Hometown: Olney, MD; University of Maryland, MD

Brandolini, Brando Hometown: New York, NY; Villanova University, PA

Breda, Sonja Hometown: Portland, OR; The University of Pennsylvania, PA

Briones, Christopher Hometown: Phoenix , AZ; Arizona State University , AZ

Brown, William Hometown: Cortland, NY; Le Moyne College, NY

Bursey, Evan Hometown: Monroe, LA; The George Washington University , DC

Butz, Lauren Hometown: Fishers, IN; Indiana University at Bloomington, IN

Carter, Marya Hometown: Sneads Ferry, NC; University of California, San Diego, CA

Cetoute, Stephannie Hometown: Miami, FL; Clark Atlanta University, GA

Chaneyfield, Shaquana Hometown: Mount Vernon, NY; Westchester Community College, NY

Chick, Jamira Hometown: Cheverly, MD; Howard University , DC

Childs, Staci Hometown: Atlanta, GA; Texas Southern University, TX

Coari, Sean Hometown: Geneva, IL; Fordham University, NY

Cohen, Matthew Hometown: Irvine, CA; Stanford University, CA

Collins, Jake Hometown: North Mankato, MN; College of Saint Benedict & Saint John's University, MN

Corn, Hannah Hometown: Ringoes, NJ; The George Washington University, DC

Cowan, Simone Hometown: Atlanta, GA; The George Washington University, DC

Cox, Kady Hometown: Detroit, MI; Michigan State University, MI

Crawford, Jackson Hometown: Austin, TX; University of Houston, TX

Culpepper, Jordan Hometown: Hazel Crest, IL; Howard University, DC

Currie, Alexia Hometown: Miami, FL; Georgetown University, DC

Davidson, Jessica Hometown: Fort Collins, CO; University of Denver , CO

Dean, Danielle Hometown: Springfield, VA; Florida State University, FL

Dehrone, Trisha Hometown: Oxford, NJ; Rutgers University, Newark, NJ

Dibble, Jessica Hometown: Potomac, MD; Wellesley College, MA

Dibble, Isabel Hometown: Potomac, MD; Stanford University, CA

Donias, Nicholas Hometown: Fort Worth, TX; Columbia University, NY

Dowd, Christopher Hometown: San Francisco, CA; Tufts University, MA

Doyal, Kathryn Hometown: East Lansing, MI; Michigan State University, MI

Ducat, Naomi Hometown: Queens , NY; Queens College, NY

Duggins, Kiah Hometown: Wichita, KS; Wichita State University, KS

Eller, Alyson Hometown: Plainview, NY; Brandeis University, MA

Eyal, Daniel Hometown: Los Angeles, CA; University of California, Santa Barbara, CA

Farooqi, Amna Hometown: Potomac, MD; University of Maryland, MD

Fitzgerald, James Hometown: Columbia, TN; Bronx Community College, NY

Flood, Samuel Hometown: Montclair, NJ; Colgate University, NY

Funes, Sarah Hometown: South San Francisco, CA; University of California, Berkeley, CA

Garcia, Eddie Hometown: Houston, TX; The George Washington University, DC

Gaylord, Maggie Hometown: La Grange, CA; Texas A&M University, TX

Getman-Pickering, Aaron Hometown: New Paltz, NY; University of Alabama at Birmingham, AL

Gidado, Travis Hometown: Jacksonville, FL; University of Cambridge, UK

Gonzalez, Kristen Hometown: Queens , NY; Columbia University , NY

Haddaway, Jasmine Hometown: Orlando, FL; University of Florida, FL

Hanna, Kyle Hometown: Philadelphia , PA; The George Washington University , DC

Hartnett, Derek Hometown: Sayville, NY; Boston University, MA

Hattar, Jordan Hometown: Templeton, CA; University of Cambridge, UK

He, Robert Hometown: Brooklyn, NY; Dartmouth College, NH

Hopkins, Jennifer Hometown: West Nyack, NY; University of Maryland, MD

Humphrie, Jamila Hometown: Seattle, WA; New York University, NY

Jackson, Ryan Hometown: Atlanta, GA; Howard University, DC

Jacob, Ann Hometown: Norristown, PA; Yale University, CT

Jacobsen, Brandon Hometown: Tacoma, WA; American University, DC

Johnson, Jordan Hometown: Columbia, MD; Spelman College, GA

Johnson, Lois Hometown: Cincinnati, OH; Georgia Institute of Technology, GA

Johnson, Priestley Hometown: Hartford, CT; Howard University, DC

Joiner, Katelynn Hometown: Columbia, SC; College of Charleston, SC

Jones, Teresa Hometown: Holly Bluff, MS; University of Mississippi, MS

Jordan, Nicole Hometown: Potomac, MD; University of Louisville, KY

Joseph, Junie Hometown: Orlando, FL; University of York, UK

Kay, Jazmin Hometown: Woodstock, NY; The George Washington University , DC

Kearney, Emerson  Hometown: Cincinnati, OH; Dartmouth College, NH

Kearney, Matthew Hometown: Scituate, MA; The Catholic University of America, DC

Kelifa, Nadia Hometown: Torrance, CA; University of Southern California, CA

Kelly, Laura Hometown: West Chester, PA; University of Pittsburgh, PA

Kim, Sharon Hometown: Los Angeles, CA; Stanford University, CA

Lam, Courtney Hometown: San Francisco, CA; University of California, Los Angeles , CA

Lawlor, Joseph Hometown: New York, NY; Lehman College, NY

Lee, Michelle Hometown: San Francisco, CA; Cornell University, NY

Levitt, Marisa Hometown: Deerfield, IL; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL

Lieber, Amy Hometown: New York, NY; Vassar College, NY

Lockhart, Lottye Hometown: Charlottesville, VA; George Mason University, VA

Lyman, Danielle Hometown: Decatur, GA; Rochester Institute of Technology, NY

Marter, Eric Hometown: Monument, CO; The George Washington University, DC

Mavalankar, Gopika Hometown: San Diego, CA; University of California, Davis, CA

Maxon, Jacob Hometown: Minneapolis, MN; University of Minnesota, MN

McClinton, Jaylin Hometown: Chicago, IL; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL

McGruder, Dmitrius Hometown: Atlanta, GA; Southern University, LA

McKarus, Lauren Hometown: Oxnard, CA; University of Oxford, UK

McPherson, Chloe Hometown: Omaha, NE; Iowa State University, IA

Mendez, Elivonne Hometown: Whitehall, PA; Temple University, PA

Miller, Chelsea Hometown: Brooklyn, NY; Columbia University, NY

Miller, Crystal Hometown: Lynwood, CA; California State University, Los Angeles, CA

Minyard, Cody Hometown: Tulsa, OK; University of Oklahoma, OK

Montavon, Kiara Hometown: Rome, Italy; The George Washington University, DC

Morall, Mary Hometown: Orlando, FL; Howard University, DC

Morgan, Ashley Hometown: Hilliard, OH; West Virginia University, WV

Murrar, Ahmad Hometown: Milwaukee, WI; Georgetown University, DC

Murren, Jack Hometown: Las Vegas, NV; The Johns Hopkins University, MD

Naugle, Rachel Hometown: Scotch Plains, NJ; The George Washington University, DC

Neyland, Eleni Hometown: Boxborough, MA; Hamilton College, NY

Olson, Dakota Hometown: Keswick, IA; Iowa State University, IA

Palid, Monica Hometown: San Diego, CA; Brown University, RI

Paul, Shakira Hometown: Brooklyn, NY; Howard University, DC

Pavco-Giaccia, Olivia Hometown: Arlington, VA; Yale University, CT

Pendurthi, Niharika Hometown: Bethlehem, PA; Williams College, MA

Pescatore, Blake Hometown: Vineland, NJ; University of California, Berkeley, CA

Pickens, Joycelyn Hometown: Yorkville, IL; University of Pennsylvania, PA

Poston, RaCia Hometown: Indianapolis, IN; Tennessee State University, TN

Poulter, Madison Hometown: Los Angeles, CA; University of Southern California, CA

Qu, Jing Hometown: Lincolnshire, IL; Columbia University, NY

Qureshi, Zainab Hometown: Manhasset, NY; Columbia University, NY

Rabins, Marielle Hometown: Weston, MA; Emory University , GA

Ransohoff, Amy Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA; Stanford University, CA

Reid, Kelsey Hometown: St. Louis Park, MN; The University of Chicago, IL

Ro, Ivana Hometown: Arcadia, CA; University of California, San Diego, CA

Robinson, Shantenae Hometown: Chicago, IL; Robert Morris University, IL

Ryan, Kellyann Hometown: Garden City, NY; The Catholic University of America, DC

Salazar, Adrienne Hometown: Bakersfield, CA; American University, DC

Sanchez, Emmanuel  Hometown: New York, NY; Baruch College, NY

Satyarthi, Rishika Hometown: Princeton, NJ; The Johns Hopkins University, DC

Schaffer, Ariane Hometown: New Orleans, LA; American University, DC

Schultz, John Hometown: Powell, OH; The University of Chicago, IL

Shaver, Amanda Hometown: Boston, MA; The George Washington University, DC

Silas, Shanelle Hometown: Fairfield, CA; University of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV

Singh, Ishtpreet Hometown: Rochester, MN; University of Miami, FL

Smith, Hillary Hometown: Denver, CO; New York University, NY

Smith, Zephanii Hometown: Stockton, CA; University of the Pacific, CA

Sokolowski, Sophia Hometown: Littleton, CO; Wellesley College, MA

Somani, Areesa Hometown: Bellevue, WA; Seattle University, WA

Sullivan, John Anthony Hometown: Emerald Isle, NC; Duke University, NC

Tataw, Charisma-Kimberly Hometown: Buford, GA; Georgia Southern University, GA

Thomas, Christine Hometown: Plantation, FL; University of Florida, FL

Thompson, Stacy Hometown: Long Beach, CA; Williams College, MA

Timan, Emma Hometown: Hilliard, OH; The Ohio State University, OH

Tjahja, Rebecca Hometown: Cerritos, CA; The University of Texas at Dallas, TX

Toure, Fanta Hometown: Philadelphia, PA; Millersville University, PA

Turner, Tiffani Hometown: San Francisco, CA; George Mason University, VA

Veale, Adam Hometown: Augusta, GA; University of Georgia, GA

Velez, Jachele Hometown: Hillside, NJ; Columbia University, NY

Veloz, Luis Hometown: Dallas, TX; University of Texas at Austin, TX

Wang, Kevin Hometown: Palo Alto, CA; Stanford University, CA

Wanless, Anne Michael  Hometown: Oakland, CA; University of Southern California, CA

Wiroll, Craig Hometown: Sheboygan, WI; University of Oregon, OR

Wong, Caleb Hometown: McKinney, TX; The University of Texas at Austin, TX

Wu, Christopher Hometown: Leesburg, VA; Colorado College, CO

Young, Matthew Hometown: Jacksonville, FL; Florida State University, FL

Zaller, Sophia Hometown: Coronado, CA; The University of Chicago, IL

Zamora, Javier Hometown: Sun Valley, CA; University of California, Santa Barbara, CA

Zargari, Melody Hometown: Niceville, FL; University of Florida, FL

Zhang, Gloria Hometown: Irvine, CA; Syracuse University , NY

Zomorrodian, Mahmood  Hometown: San Diego , CA; Georgetown University , DC

Zukoff, Danielle Hometown: Tenafly , NJ; The George Washington University, DC

Zwart, Gerrit Hometown: Durham, NH; The George Washington University, DC