Vice President Pence and the Trump administration are supporting Jay Webber because they know he will be a leader continuing America's economic upturn. Families are sitting around their kitchen tables discussing pocket-book issues, not parsing through the political mud being flung by Mikie Sherrill's supporters. 

I'm personally excited about Jay Webber's candidacy because he has always prioritized women's issues. He's a father to four daughters and he understands and cares about the needs of his female constituents. He helped increase funding and support for women who were victims of domestic violence, and he has real life experience standing up for women in the workplace as a small business owner.

Mikie Sherrill on the other hand is closely aligned with her running-mate, Bob Menendez. Senator Menendez used his taxpayer funded staff to help a criminal, donor friend of his get visas for his foreign mistresses and Mikie has yet to speak out on this issue.

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Stephanie Sharratt

MCRC Board Member - Recording Secretary

Montville Republican Chair