PLAINFIELD, NJ - It was a political who's who at Plainfield City Hall on Friday evening for a Get Out the Vote rally. 

Early on, Plainfield Mayor Adrian O. Mapp welcomed the crowd, and introduced City Council members. 

Angel Estrada, up for re-election as a Union County Freeholder, addressed the crowd, and then did so again in Spanish.  Freeholder Chris Hudak, seeking re-election as well, and Hillside Mayor Angela Garretson were also in attendance.  Garretson is seeking the Freeholder seat being vacated by Freeholder Vernell Wright, who is retiring.

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Kenilworth Councilman Peter Corvelli, running to succeed Sheriff Joe Cryan spoke, followed by Cryan himself, who is running for a state Senate seat.

Mapp then introduced Assemblyman Jerry Green, who noted how good it felt to be home in Plainfield.  Green, in turn, announced Phil Murphy, candidate for New Jersey Governor.  

Murphy said, "We need a governor who understands infrastructure and transportation, including rail transportation," one who rebuilds the economy, creates jobs, and gets the state moving again.

He also committed to a path to clean energy.  "We have a plan and we will put it in place for a 100% clean energy New Jersey by the year 2050."



There was a short period for Murphy to shake some hands and take some pictures as the crowd awaited the arrival of Senator Cory Booker.  Once there, Booker stepped up to the dais, and told the crowd that he just got back from Eastern Europe "where our soldiers and our State Department and our ambassadors are on the front lines fighting against Russian aggression."  He went on to denounce the interference of Russia in a major election, saying, "Our election process is probably one of the most  sacrosanct elements of our democracy."



Booker continued, encouraging the crowd to respond with engagement and activism, and noted that democracy can't be a spectator sport, seeing what happens when too many people stay home and don't vote.

Booker spoke of Sheriff Cryan, who he has known his entire political career.  He said Cryan is the kind of sheriff that understands public safety isn't just about locking people up, that it's about making sure you have programs that help people, with drug treatment, mental health care, and re-entry programs, and noting the way you keep a safe society is to empower people to succeed.

On Plainfield's mayor, Booker said Mapp has the hardest job in American government.  He recalled his own time as mayor of Newark.  He said he learned he couldn't hide, that people know where you live, and they have your phone number.  He stressed that you don't become mayor for the money or the fame, but because you love your city.

Wrapping up, Booker said America is a country for everyone, for Muslims, for Mexicans, white and black folks, gay folks and straight folks.  He ended by saying Phil Murphy is a man who can lead a comeback in the state of New Jersey.