BLOOMFIELD NJ: - The following police blotter has been issued by Crime Analyst Ralph A. Marotti of the Bloomfield Police Department for September 7 2016. 


08/29/2016- The owner of a 2008 Honda Accord discovered $6.00 dollars in loose change missing from his vehicle. The center console compartment and glove box were discovered open. The vehicle was left unlocked when parked.

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08/29/2016- Police were dispatched to 147 Bloomfield Ave on a female victim reporting her purse was stolen. The victim described the suspect as a black male wearing a white t-shirt and dark pants. Suspect approached the victim from behind and grabbed her purse from her arm running towards Grove Street. The incident occurred at approximately 9:00pm. Detective Bureau actively investigating incident.

08/30/2016-A bicycle was reported stolen from an unlocked garage on Spruce Street. The bicycle is described as a women’s Schwinn hybrid, gold in color. The bicycle is valued at$250.00 dollars.

08/30/2016-A shoplifting incident was reported at the Aldi Food Store located at 244 Bloomfield Ave. The suspect described as a black male in his concealed frozen meat and fled the store. A check of the area proved to be negative for the suspect.

09/01/2016- Briana Silva age 20 was arrested at 12:16pm and charged with Shoplifting. The incident occurred at the Stop & Shop Store located at 8 Franklin Street. Loss Prevention observed Ms. Silva placing beauty supplies into her purse. She was detained until the arrival of police. Search incident to arrest yielded (2) hypodermic needles and 21 empty glassine envelopes used to package heroin. Ms. Silva was additionally charged with Possession of Hypodermic Syringes and possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Bail was set by the Honorable Judge Paparazzo in the amount of $500.00.

09/01/2016- A brief case was reported stolen from a vehicle parked in front of Dunkin Donuts located at 548 Broad Street. The incident occurred at approximately 2:00pm with the brief case left on the front passenger seat while the owner was inside Dunkin Donuts.

09/01/2016-Sean Benjamin age 36 was arrested at 2:18pm and charged with Shoplifting at the Stop & Shop Store located at 8 Franklin Street. Mr. Benjamin was accompanied with a female suspect and 2 small children. Loss Prevention observed the female suspect place merchandise into her purse. Mr. Benjamin then attempted to exit the store with the purse containing the stolen merchandise. Mr. Benjamin was taken into custody by police and charged with Theft along with an active warrant out of Garfield. He was held awaiting the arrival of Garfield PD. The female suspect released from the store with her children. Loss Prevention referred to the courts for future complaint on the female suspect.

09/02/2016- A 2010 Honda Civic parked on Baldwin Street was entered overnight. A red and black Swiss gear back pack containing a laptop was reported missing. Vehicle driver side door was left unlocked.

09/04/2016- James Jennings age 58 of Newark was arrested and charged with shoplifting at the Stop & Shop Store. Loss Prevention observed Mr. Jennings place merchandise in his pocket and shopping cart then attempted to exit the store. He was detained until the arrival of police. Mr. Jennings was transported to police headquarters. He was held in lieu of bail set at $2,500.00.

09/04/2016- A reported package theft occurred on Myrtle Street. The package was delivered to the front door at 1:15pm. The owner received a text message at 1:20pm confirming delivery. When she went to the front door to retrieve the package she discovered it missing. No witness or suspect were observed at the time of incident.


08/29/2016- Herman Burrell age 61 of East Orange NJ was arrested at 8:38pm and charged with Possession of CDS. PO Anthony Batelli and PO Anthony Litterio, while on patrol observed a gray Honda Pilot with no front license plate traveling on JFK Drive. The driver, Mr. Burrell was found to have an active warrant out of East Orange. Officers also detected a strong odor of marijuana emanating from the vehicle. A search of the vehicle yielded a clear zip lock bag containing suspected marijuana on the driver seat. Mr. Burrell was processed and issued a summons for Possession of CDS and later transported to East Orange on the active warrant.

09/02/2016-Kemron Cedeno age 19 of Montclair was arrested at 12:55am and charged with Possession of CDS. PO Joseph Davis observed a Honda Civic disregard a red traffic light at the intersection of Broad Street and James Street. A motor vehicle stop was conducted with the driver identified as Melvic Muglala of Bloomfield and Mr. Cedeno a passenger. PO Bambera and PO Vargas arrived on scene assisting with the stop. The driver was issued 2-summons for open container of alcohol and disregarding a red traffic signal. The passenger Mr. Cedeno was found to be in possession of a marijuana cigarette. The driver was released at the scene. Mr. Cedeno was transported to police headquarters, issued a summons and ROR.

Criminal Mischief

09/03/2016- A resident on Lincoln Street reported her bedroom window was shattered from a BB pellet. The pellet was discovered when the window was repaired. The incident occurred on August 31, 2016 between 10am and 10:30am.


08/30/2016- An apartment located on North 15th Street was burglarized between 8:00am and 8:00pm. The homeowner arrived home and discovered her bedroom ransacked along with closet doors opened. The rear apartment door appeared to be pried open with a hole drilled above the door knob. Detective Bureau currently investigating the Burglary.

08/31/2016-A reported Burglary occurred on North Spring Street. A Bose headset, Casio watch and an IPad were reported missing from a second floor bedroom. A window on the first floor,located in the rear of the building was discovered opened. Active Investigation.

09/01/2016- Jermaine Ramirez age 22 of Newark was arrested and charged with 2 counts of Burglary, occurring at Weaver Avenue and Lexington Avenue. On both incidents the homeowners awoke to a noise early in the morning hours and discovered Mr. Ramirez in their residence. Mr. Ramirez fled on both incidents prior to police arrival. A joint investigation with Belleville Police, who experienced similar incidents led to the identification and arrest of Mr. Ramirez. He was charged additionally in Belleville for Burglary and held in lieu of Bail.

09/01/2016- Police responded to a residence on Johnson Ave on a reported diversionary burglary. The homeowner was approached by a white male in his 20’s wearing a gray jacket and an identification which read NJ State Water. The male informed the victim of a water issue and needed to enter the house. While in the house suspect made a call on cell phone stating “ok”. After 5 minutes suspect said everything was fine and left the residence. Victim then discovered a bedroom draw opened and $120.00 dollars missing. Detective Bureau actively investigating incident.

Warrant Arrest

08/30/2016-William Mead age 40 of Bloomfield was arrested at 9:27am for several outstanding warrants out of Elmwood Park and Allendale NJ. Lt Michael Sisco observed Mr. Mead walking on Grove Street with an open bottle of vodka in his possession. Mr. Mead appeared to be unstable, stumbling while walking. The active warrants were discovered while conducting a field inquiry and checking on Mr. Meads condition. He was transported to Bloomfield Headquarters awaiting the arrival of Elmwood Park.

08/31/2016-Jose Morel age 21 of Paterson was arrested at 12:56pm for several outstanding warrants out of Hawthorne, Paterson, Glen Rock. The arrest was a result of a motor vehicle stop during radar enforcement on Broad Street. Mr. Morel was also found to have a suspended driver license. He was later ROR on all warrants with new court dates.


Motor Vehicle Theft

08/29/2016- a 2009 Suzuki GSX Motorcycle was reported stolen from Spring Street. The motorcycle was parked in front of the owner’s house at 1:00am and discovered missing at 7:00am.

08/29/2016-1995 Honda Del Sol was reported stolen from Orchard Street. The vehicle was parked at approximately 8pm and discovered missing the next morning.

08/30/2016- At approximately 3:50am Officers discovered a 2005 Jeep Liberty unoccupied with the back window broken. The vehicle was parked on Berkeley Avenue blocking a driveway. The vehicles ignition was damaged in an attempt to steal the vehicle. A homeowner’s security system recorded the headlights of the vehicle turn on at 12:30pm but unable to see any suspects.

08/30/2016- 1999 Dodge Wagon was reported stolen from a driveway on Claredon Place. The vehicle was parked at 11:30pm the previous night and discovered missing in the morning.

08/30/2016-An attempted motor vehicle theft occurred on Walnut Street involving a 2006 Jeep Liberty. The registered owner discovered the passenger side window broken and the ignition damaged. The damages were discovered in the morning.

08/30/2016-A NJ Department of Treasury vehicle was reported stolen from Montgomery Street. The vehicle was parked at 5:00pm the previous night and discovered missing the next morning.The vehicle is described as a 2005 Dodge Van color white with State Government Plates.

Aggravated Assault

08/29/2016-Police were dispatched to the parking lot of 135 Bloomfield Avenue on a reported disturbance involving three females. The females continued arguing and were separated by arriving officers. Jannah Ismail age 20 of Newark was arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault after throwing bleach on Barakah Ismail. Ms. Barakah Ismail was arrested and charged with Criminal Mischief after scratching the passenger side of Jannahs’s vehicle with a key. Both females were ROR with pending court dates. No charges issued for the third female.


09/01/2016- Police were dispatched to 630 Bloomfield Avenue on a reported robbery. The victim a 57 year old male was approached by a black male suspect at approximately 5:56am. The victim was sitting in his vehicle in a parking spot near Ward Street. The suspect ordered the victim out of his car pointing a black semi-automatic handgun towards his back, then reaching into victims pocket taking his wallet. The suspect fled onto Ward Street and entered a dark colored SUV that was waiting for him.

DWI Sobriety Checkpoint

09/03/2016- A DWI checkpoint was conducted on Bloomfield Avenue and Conger Street between 11:15pm and 3:00am. The operations of the checkpoint were conducted under the command of Lt. Gary Peters, assisted by Sergeants Joseph Corio and Sergeant Luca Piscitelli. Uniformed Officers detailed were PO Salvatore Cordi, Anthony Nardiello, Meijun Pascua, Jonathon Donker, Nicolae Toader, Timothy Kealy, Suzanne Looges and Daniel Jean-Baptist. A total of 148 vehicles were stopped at the approach of the checkpoint. Thirty seven summons were issued for motor vehicle violations, five arrests for DWI, CDS and contempt of court and three vehicles impounded for DWI and unregistered.