BLOOMFIELD, NJ -- The Bloomfield Department of Recreation today announced it has launched a new pop-up art gallery located at 378 Broad Street. The currently empty storefront next to Town Pub now showcases Photography by five local photographers that are on display through the storefront windows, utilizing the space for local artists to display their work to the public at a prominent commercial location.

The storefront is not open to the public, but the artwork is proudly displayed in the windows to add an aesthetic quality to the unoccupied storefront, and the artists’ contact information is displayed beside their works, for interested passerbys. The gallery will rotate in 6 week intervals, with each new exhibit showcasing a different medium, through the Spring. October 23rd marked the start of Photography. December 4th will begin the Art exhibit featuring painting, drawing, collages and more. The third exhibit, focusing on Sculpture and Jewelry, will begin January 15th.

"I'm very excited to expand our offerings beyond the expectations of a traditional recreation department. By collaborating with residents we are able to showcase their work and encourage creativity within our community,” said Michael Sceurman, Director of Parks and Recreation. "We have so many talented residents and we are proud to offer them an outlet to show their artistic ability."

Bloomfield residents interested in sharing their artwork are encouraged to contact Gabriela Guida at the Bloomfield Recreation Department at 973-743-9074, or email