BLOOMFIELD, NJ - Anthony's Cheesecake was the target of 'PSE&G Scammers' this past weekend during a busy lunch rush. The business fell pray to a scammer last year and shared their story to help other businesses in Essex County.

The 'PSE&G scam' is a phone scam in which the caller identifies themselves a local utility company PSE&G. Businesses are usually targeted at busy times when they are most vulnerable. In the case of Anthony's Cheesecake, the call came in during a lunch rush stating that the bill had not been paid and someone would arrive at the business within the hour to turn off service.

Having been the target of the scam last year, the call was ended and PSE&G was contacted. The business's account was indeed up to date.

Anthony Lauro, the business's namesake, shared that "PSEG" showed up on caller ID. PSEG informed him that scammer use and APP that can make the caller ID appear as PSEG.