RANDOLPH, NJ- You don’t see this every day.  Randolph’s police department received a report of a vehicle crashing into the side of a house in the Shongum Lake area of town.

The accident, called in by a neighbor, was responded to by Randolph Police and Fire officials, along with employees from the Public Works Department.  The vehicle they found lodged in the side of the house, was a Township Public Works truck that had been parked up the road on Pinnacle Point.

The specific cause was not confirmed, but speculation at the scene was that the unattended vehicle slipped out of park and rolled down Pinnacle Point road before crossing Black Birch road.  It appeared that after striking a tree, the vehicle spun around and careened backwards down the residents’ driveway before slamming into the side of the garage.

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The back half of the vehicle broke through the side wall, leaving only the front of the truck sticking out.  The vehicle was then pulled out and taken away by McCarter Towing of Rockaway.

“The vehicle caused damage to the property, but fortunately there were no injuries resulting from the accident,” said Township Manager Stephen Mountain.  “We will be working closely with the residents of the property to ensure that they are made whole for the damages resulting from the accident.”

The full cause of the accident is still under investigation.