On November 8th Bloomfield will head to the polls to select the educational leaders that will guide our public school through the next three years.  This year’s political season finds our community riveted to the television to watch debates and political ads in an attempt to choose the next leader of the free world. The Bloomfield community residents are some of the most diverse in the state, folks from all parts of the world call our town home. This is the greatest place in New Jersey to live, to work and educate our children.

Over my six years of service on the Bloomfield Board of Education we have much to be proud of.  When the DOE attempted to skirt our parents’ concerns on standardized testing, we stood together and passed the FIRST opt-out resolution from PARCC.  When presented with opportunities for meaningful partnerships between our District and Bloomfield College, MSU, the Mayor and Council, Recreation Department, Parking Authority, Bloomfield Educational Foundation and many more we jumped at the chance to work together. We funded professional development for every employee from the Superintendent to uncertified staff to ensure our employees have all the tools for success. While other communities talk about such accomplishments: WE SEIZE THEM! These programs not only save taxpayers money but also seek to provide an incredible public school experience to students and parents.

There is still much to do. Increasing student achievement, facilities projects, new development in town, budgetary constraints and huge strides in technology present us with challenges that we will meet head on. Together we remain resolute to our shared Bloomfield values: family, friends and faith!!    Our students, teachers and parents expect as much.

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Please consider the Raising Expectations Team 2016 for the Bloomfield Board of Education.

At Your Service,

Shane Berger