PARKLAND, FL - Thousands of Parkland residents and friends from near and far marched on Saturday in Parkland to call for action regarding gun violence in the wake of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas tragedy.

Prior to the march, Parkland Mayor Christine Hunschofsky said, "Whether you are marching today or not, regardless of your political views, we all strive for the same goals - safe and secure schools in our community and every community. Parkland has some of the most committed and dedicated residents and officials who will do everything in our power to make sure these goals are met."

After the march, she said, "Watching our amazing students and community marching today to bring attention to the critical issue of school safety shows the dedication and passion of Parkland residents."

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Parkland resident Steve Weisbrot said, "It was overwhelming to witness Democracy on full display as people of all ages and races voiced their consciousness, peacefully. It gave me hope -- something that’s been sorely missing from many peoples' lives since the shooting.”

Fifth grader Trey Francis said he marched, "to support the kids at Stoneman Douglas."  His mother, Sarah Francis said, "That is my main reason for marching, as well.  These kids have a mission and are fighting for it."  She added, "I was overwhelmed by the number of people there today.  I have never been part of a march or protest of that magnitude.  I was inspired even more by the kids who were running the march, speaking, singing, volunteering, handing out waters and chanting the loudest.  They are not backing down.  I support them 100% and am so proud of them."

Jennifer Gilbert, Sarah's mother and Trey's grandmother, came from Madison, Wisconsin to march in Parkland.  Gilbert said, "My husband and I are here from Madison, Wisconsin to march in Parkland with our daughter and our grandchildren. We support the students at MSD and their demands for gun control and want to be part of that change. The kids are amazing, wise beyond their years, and we believe in them."

Except otherwise noted, photos courtesy of Steve Weisbrot.