LIVINGSTON, NJ — Livingston has joined various other municipalities by participating in the Blue Line Campaign. On Friday, a blue line was painted in front of the police station, a red line was painted in front of the firehouse and a white line was painted in front of the ambulance building to show support for all of the first responders in town.

Mayor Al Anthony explained the significance of this program. 

"We have always supported our police officers, firefighters and first aid responders tremendously in Livingston,” he said. “This past year throughout the country has been a difficult one, as police in particular have been faced with constant adversity and threats."

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Moving forward, Anthony hopes these lines will serve as a reminder of all the sacrifices law enforcement makes in order to keep residents safe.

"With our actions here today, thousands of residents and visitors every day will see the blue lines in front of the police department, red lines in front of our three firehouses and a white line in front of our first aid building as a constant reminder of Livingston's unwavering support of all three departments,” said Anthony. “These lines symbolize we always have their backs and they are greatly appreciated for all they do.”

Traditionally known as the "Thin Blue Line" campaign, this program was started as a way to commemorate fallen officers and to show support for those living and to symbolize the relationship of law enforcement in the community.