BLOOMFIELD, NJ - Are you feeling over stressed, over worked, or just not functioning the way you'd like too....Dr. Micheal Credico can fix that!

After 40 years of practice, it is our ultimate goal at Bloomfield Total Health Center to meet your health care needs by offering you cutting edge technology in chiropractic acupuncture and massage therapy. Whether you choose our office for relief of acute pain, or for the benefit of wellness care, you can rest assured that we will combine our specialties and our professional efforts to restore your health as quickly as possible.

At Bloomfield Total Health our goal is to contribute to the rebirth of health care. In what is becoming growing trend, medical practitioners and the public are steadily embracing a health care concept that combines Traditional and Alternative Medicine.

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We seek to successfully unite these approaches of health maintenance, disease prevention and the treatment of acute and chronic conditions through both conventional and alternative healing arts. We envision this integration as the future of healthcare in America!

Bloomfield Total Health Center 1129 Broad Street Bloomfield NJ 07003