MAPLEWOOD AND SOUTH ORANGE, NJ - Halloween decorations are up at many SOMA houses, with yards covered in gravestones and giant spiders climbing up front porches. Below is a list of homes in South Orange and Maplewood with Halloween decorations you won't want to miss seeing.


  • The Giant Spider on Prospect (678 Prospect St., between Harvard St. and Tuscan Rd.) 
  • The Enormous Cat and Spooky Scene on Prospect (558 Prospect St., at the corner of Elmwood Ave.)
  • Keep Out of Ridgewood (623 Ridgewood Rd., at the corner of Mountain Ave.)


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  • The Haunted House on Beech Spring (363 Beech Spring Rd., between N. Wyoming Ave. and N. Ridgewood Rd.)
  • The House of Horrors on Summit (413 Summit Ave., near the intersection with Garfield Pl.) 
  • Fright Fest on Glenview (53 Glenview Rd., near the intersection with Allen Ct.) 

Happy Haunting!

Do you have a favorite Halloween house? Please email us at so we can add it to the list.