My name is Dick Wolfe and I am running for the Bloomfield Board of Education, position #7 on the ballot. This statement is not about me, my platform, what I hope to accomplish if I’m fortunate enough to be elected or the things about our schools I’d like to see improved. This one is about you. I want to impress on you as firmly as I can the need for you to not only vote, but to cast an INFORMED vote.

I hope you’ve been reading the candidate statements TAPinto has generously allowed us to make. I hope that, if you couldn’t attend the two candidate forums, you have viewed the videos online of candidates giving their positions on the issues and read the articles about the candidates’ views here and elsewhere. Two candidates have failed to attend the forums or give statements to the media so, in my mind, a vote for them would be an uninformed vote.

Learn as much as you can about those of us who have made ourselves available to speak about how we stand on the issues. Walking into the booth and punching 1, 2, 3 because you don’t know the candidates is abdicating your responsibility to the children of Bloomfield and their education.

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Do I hope you’ll vote for me? Of course. However, the most important thing is knowing why you’re voting for the candidates you choose, no matter who they are. The election is only a few days away. If you haven’t already, please do your homework.

Thank you.