My name is Dick Wolfe and I am running for the Bloomfield Board of Education, position #7 on the ballot. 

I want to clarify my position on an important issue that is one of the hot buttons of the campaign: Class III security officers in the elementary schools.

I have made statements in opposition. However, my opposition IS NOT based on my being unalterably opposed to the presence of the officers, as most of the candidates are with the exception of Jody Polidoro, who is also open minded. My opposition is based on the lack of process by the BOE before putting the proposal forward.

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Such a move calls for in-depth study of all security options, a detailed proposal and open communication with the public. I don't feel this was done.

Once this is done, if elected to the Board my vote would be based on the evidence and on what the public supports.

As stated above, most of the BOE candidates have come out as firmly opposed to the officers. My feeling is that one should keep an open mind on issues of this magnitude until joining the board and becoming part of the process. That is what I pledge to do.