Another Nor’Easter has smacked us in the face today.  After so many of us lost power for what seemed to be an eternity, it’s a good time to make up for lost productivity and work on the famous Stephen Covey Quadrant 2 Activities.  What are they you may ask?  Those are the activities that are Important, yet not urgent (well some of them can be).  In other word’s it’s a great day to make some real game changing progress towards your work week.

Here are 10 simple things you can get done on a snow day:

  1. Learn a New Skill: Do you know what Cryptocurrency is or how to make a Podcast?  Today’s a great day to pick something you’ve wanted to sharpen your saw about and learn it.  If you’ve never tried out it’s a great online resource for learning, but then again so is YouTube!
  2. Manage Your Social Accounts:  When is the last time you created a significant LinkedIn post.  Pick something (feel free to share this) and post it on LinkedIn or a different social platform you’ve been neglecting.
  3. Write a Blog:  Blogging is one of the best things you can do for search engine optimization.  Pick five things you want people to stumble upon you for when they search for business needs and write a blog about them.  Be creative.
  4. Google Yourself:  You may be shocked as to what you see.  It’s something you should do regularly so start today.
  5. Clean out your Inbox:  If your inbox is like mine and filled with thousands of emails that have not yet been deleted, chances are there may be a jewel inside one of them.
  6. Research your Industry:  Where is your industry headed over the next year or two?  Are there future trends that you are not prepared for?  Today’s a good day to start researching that as well.
  7. Research your Main Client’s Industry:  Client’s do business with businesses that can help them reach their future goals and vision.  Solving problems are ok, but becoming a partner that can help them be who they want to be a year or two down the road? Well that will give you a client for the long haul.
  8. Make First Quarter Push Goals:  March is the last month of the first quarter, and yes that went by very fast.  Are you where you need to be?  Think outside the box and make some action oriented goals that you can commit to so you finish the quarter strong.
  9. Use the Time to Help Someone:  Is there someone that has asked you a professional favor that you didn’t had the time to help?  Use today to get that done.
  10. Take a Nap:  There is no time like a snow day to rest and recharge.  Get yourself ready to carpe diem and seize tomorrow!

Finish your list?  Go back to binge watching, or snow man making with your kids!  Fun is always a great thing!