Theft from Auto: 4/13/19- An officer responded to Waldo Avenue on report of Theft from Auto. On 4/12/19, the complainant parked his vehicle in his backyard when he arrived home. On 4/13/19 at 9:45A.M; he was alerted by his father that his car doors were unlocked and ajar. The vehicle was ransacked and missing from the vehicle was an envelope containing $1000 cash which was from his (LID’S store). This incident is under investigation.

Package Theft: 4/8/19- A resident from Memorial Parkway responded to HQ to make a Package Theft Report. The complainant reports that Amazon alerted him that his package was delivered to his apartment on 4/1/19 at 5:50 p.m. When he arrived home at 6:00p.m; the package was missing. The package contained a computer monitor valued at $600.00. This incident is under investigation.

Burglary: 4/11/19- Officers were dispatched to Clark Avenue on an attempted Burglary to a home. Upon returning home, he was advised by his mother who was taking a nap in the residence, that an unknown person rang the doorbell 3-4 times. A few moments later, she heard a loud noise coming from the rear of the home. They observed damaged to the frame of the door, with nothing being out of place or missing from the home. A pry tool may have been used to gain entry to the door. This incident is under investigation. 4/12/19- Officers responded to Harrison Street on report of a Burglary. The complainant left the home around 5:00 p.m. on 4/11/19. When she returned home on 4/12/19, she observed forced entry to her door. There was also a basement door ripped off the hinges and on the living room floor. Items that were observed missing are Gucci watches, Gucci belt, a few pieces of jewelry and an IPhone X. The items taken are value at $14,200.00. This incident is under investigation.

Warrant Arrest: 4/10/19- Irsaddis Maura Age 34 of Newark, NJ- Officers on patrol in the area of 8 Franklin Street (Stop & Shop) observed a well-known shoplifter attempting to enter the establishment knowing that she is banned from returning. The female suspect was stopped, approached, and checked for warrants. Central advised officers that Ms. Maura had two active warrants from Belleville and Newark. Ms. Maura was handcuffed, transported to HQ, processed, and released with a court date.