Lending a Paw for 2 years To Save Lives and

Help People Keep Their Pets

This month CPAW NJ celebrates its second pawversary since its inception in April of 2017!  In our first 2 years we have helped over 100 Montclair cats and dozens of families. The current total of spayed/neutered cats at March’s end was 752.

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Our CPAW NJ furry hearts are full for the volunteers and donors who have made our life saving work possible over these two years!


Spay/Neuter works and people welcome the help.

People feed cats but are often overwhelmed with the cost and not knowing where to turn as cats keep breeding and outdoor colonies grow.  Pets are still rescued as kittens under a bush but the rescuer still needs additional resources for spay/neuter and vaccines.

Until cats are spayed, their mating and marking behavior can make life difficult for other outdoor cats; this same behavior can occur with pet cats and cause their surrender or just abandonment.

The bottom line: spay/neuter saves lives and helps people keep their pets.  

Research shows that spay/neuter of companion animals and the well recognized practice of trap, neuter, vaccinate and return (TNVR) saves lives and reduces shelter intake, thus saving taxpayer dollars. CPAW NJ’s mission is to save cats’ lives through TNVR and provide surrender prevention training and support.  

And it works!  Often people can learn how to help right in their own backyard, with some advice, encouragement, and the right tools.  They may need help at early morning or late night feeding, but we work with people on their schedule to successfully trap the cat and get it fixed. 

CPAW NJ, with the assistance of expert pawtners like People for Animals, trained volunteers and caring donors, connect the people and animals with the available resources.  We couldn’t be more grateful for them all.


CPAW NJ Programs Prevent Surrenders

With the help of so many thousands of dog and cat meals have been distributed through our pawtner, the Montclair Human Needs Food Pantry, to help people keep their pets. The HNFP accepts and distributes pet food for the communities they serve so that people can keep their pets. And thanks to our pawtners around town who host a CPAW NJ bin to collect more food. See a list at www.cpawnj.org.

We’ve taught classes like Cat Behavior 101 at the Montclair Adult School, counseled people on how to keep cats out of their yards, and responded to emergency calls to trap gravely ill outdoor cats. The next class will be taught at Brookdale Pet Center on April 28, 5 pm. See www.cpawnj.org/events.


Spay/Neuter Saves Lives and Scarce Time and Money

We’ve learned how difficult and costly it is to foster even one kitten, and we’ve experienced the heartbreak of knowing that the rest of the litter did not survive.  Hundreds perhaps thousands of dollars and weeks of loving care for a single kitten -- a worthwhile endeavor but there are so many who die outdoors with no fighting chance.

Meet our current foster kitten, Nevaeh (“heaven” spelled backwards). 

Blind in one eye and the other closed tight due to an infection, Navaeh was the only surviving kitten in a litter and was successfully trapped by a CPAW NJ volunteer after several tireless attempts. For the first time in her life, Nevaeh purrs loudly and shows her belly for her foster mommy. She lives in isolation and suffers through twice weekly dipping in lyme sulphur solution and lots of other meds for ringworm and her other conditions. Nevaeh’s fate is still uncertain, but because of our generous donors and volunteers, Nevaeh has a fighting chance.

(Follow the story of Nevaeh at nevaehsjourney.tumblr.com.)


Help us continue to “Beat the Heat” and save lives through spay/neuter:  The CPAW NJ dream is to get every cat we know, indoor or outside, spayed/neutered! The last TUESDAY of each month through November we’ll host a local spay/neuter van right here in Montclair.  People for Animals (PFA), the largest low cost spay/neuter provider in NJ, and our local pawtner, Acme Markets, help us bring the low cost spay mobile unit to the Montclair area. OPEN to anyone! We have some financial assistance available, transportation, recovery for outdoor cats, and counseling in between.  Email us at cpawnj@gmail.com for more details and to register.

Want to make a difference and help us celebrate the CPAW NJ 2 year pawversary?  It’s as easy as

  • Donating $2/month for the next year -- and asking 2 friends to do the same.  That $72 spays/neuters one outdoor cat and helps buy antibiotics for the cat before it is returned.   

  • Sponsoring the low cost spay/neuter of a companion animal so that it stops having litters or spraying in the house -- $90 to help a cat live a longer, healthier life and stay with its family.

  • Join our team and share your talent -- there  are so many ways to use your skills as an Advocat (cat taxi driver, educator at outreach events, wash laundry, post posters, promote our message on social media, or lobby to make laws more humane).  Go to www.cpawnj.org to see upcoming volunteer meetings.


Along with the Montclair Public Library, CPAW NJ’s celebrating by bringing some very special Cat Rescuers to Montclair so SAVE THE DATE!

On SATURDAY MAY 18 from 4-6 pm at Montclair Public Library

We will be hosting a free film screening of The Cat Rescuers,  a documentary which won the 2018 Zelda Penzel "Giving Voice to the Voiceless" Award at the Hamptons International Film Festival. Seating is limited so please be sure to reserve your seat by going to the event page on our website (cpawnj.org/events/) and clicking “Register Now!"