VERONA, NJ - Terry’s Family Pharmacy announced last week that it’s closing its doors after 85 years in business.  All prescriptions have been transferred to Walgreens.   The store will be open for the next few weeks, with steep discounts on merchandise.  Gift cards must be redeemed before July 15.

“I am very sad that the store is closing,” said Les Gwyn-Williams, who has owned Terry’s for 35 years. “Verona is losing a mom and pop store and a great piece of history. I can’t help but feel that all over the country the experience is the same. The small town feel that has been our life growing up is disappearing fast and I doubt it will ever come back. I am glad to have been a part of it for 35 years and I hope my tenure was as rewarding to Verona as it was to me.”

While there is no definite close date, Terry’s is likely to remain open for another month.