Imagine living every day, struggling internally, with no one to turn to, even though you are known as a hero.

For a fellow Belleville resident, PTSD has changed his life forever. This individual is a veteran, who suffers from severe PTSD after serving our nation for some time. As he is a hero among all of us, his lack or resources to cope with his disorder has left him with no home to go home to, after it was taken away from him.

No one deserves to be stripped of their safety, health, and warmth from harsh winter nights, let alone someone who has risked it all for our safety. Belleville is a stigma-free town, which accepts people from all walks of life, and social classes. This includes those who have mental disorders, physical disabilities and more.

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With such a high standard for inclusion in our town, I feel as though Belleville should step up and become his hero. Obtaining help, and rebuilding the life of this veteran will not only change his life, but will reinstate the foundation that Belleville is built on.

No matter who you are, once from Belleville, you are always from Belleville, and I think that the citizens who have expressed their desire to help, should be recognized and taken seriously.

I am one of those individuals, who is willing to give my time in hopes to bring this veteran out of the cold streets, back into his home, with the proper help, he needs.

My father has served, as well as many of my family members, and I would hope that if one of them were in his place, they would do the same.


Kaila Freid