BLOOMFIELD, NJ-- Despitthe wind and cold temperatures last evening, many Bloomfield residents in the 1st ward (Central Bloomfield) anxiously awaited the arrival of the Easter Bunny.  Many were outside with jackets and hats while others gathered around their front windows to see the Easter Bunny escorted around by the Bloomfield Fire Department.

Tonight the Bunny will be back and will be covering the 2nd Ward (Northern Bloomfield).  He will be making the rounds from 5pm to 7pm and the Bunny's whereabouts will be updated on the Bloomfield Division of Public Safety Facebook Page.  You will be able to hear the sirens as the Bunny approaches your street.  Please make sure to stay a safe distance away as the fire apparatus passes your home.

Tomorrow, Saturday 3/11, the Bunny will be traveling through the 3rd Ward of town (Southern Bloomfield).  The time will be between 9:30-11:30 am.  Make sure to give the Easter Bunny a big wave as he passes by!