BLOOMFIELD, NJ-- Although Election Day has come and gone, the results of the Bloomfield BOE election are still inconclusive.  Because of the close nature of the final tally last Tuesday evening, plus the ensuing count of provisional and mail in ballots, the final results are still too close to call.  While Jill Fischman and Daniel Anderson seemingly have a comfortable lead, Emily M. Smith and Benjamin Morse are extremely close and the winners will not be able to be fully determined until Tuesday, November 12th. 

The results as of Election Night were as follows:

Jill FISCHMAN  1,906

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Emily M. SMITH 1,712

Lillian MANCHENO 1,344

Laura IZURIETA    851

Satenik MARGARYAN 1,182

Benjamin MORSE 1,696

Daniel ANDERSON 1,736

Write-In 20

There were 34 Vote by Mail Ballots that had been returned to the Board of Elections through the United States Post Office on November 6th and November 7th. Those Vote by Mail Ballots were counted on Friday, November 8th. The following reflects these Vote by Mail Ballots;

Jill FISCHMAN-  8 mail-in Total 2,004

Emily M. SMITH- 9 mail-in Total 1,721

Lillian MANCHENO- 8 mail-in Total 1,352

Laura IZURIETA -7 mail-in Total 858

Satenik MARGARYAN- 19 mail-in Total 1,201

Benjamin MORSE-23 mail-in Total 1,719

Daniel ANDERSON- 21 mail-in Total 1,757

Write-In- 3 mail-in Total 23

Now we are left with provisional ballots. A provisional ballot is used to record a vote when there are questions about a given voter's eligibility that must be resolved before the vote can count. According to the Essex County Clerk's Office there were 127 Provisional ballots which were received and needed to be verified by the Commissioner of Registration to verify their validity. 42 of the 127 provisional ballots have been deemed qualified for the Township of Bloomfield. The Board of Elections have scheduled a meeting for Tuesday at 4:00pm to count these provisional ballots. 

TAPinto Bloomfield will update this story as soon as the official results are known.