WEST ORANGE, NJ-- Today Sea Turtle Recovery (STR) hosted their annual Green Event, a brunch to raise funds for their organization. Sea Turtle Recovery is a non-profit organization dedicated to rehabilitation, preservation and conservation of sea turtles. All sea turtle species are threatened or endangered. STR partnered with the Turtleback Zoo in 2016 opening the first long term care facility in New Jersey dedicated to sea turtles.

Sea Turtle recovery was able to rescue, rehabilitate and release a turtle, nicknamed “Tammy,” who spent a year at the Sea Turtle Recovery Center after it was injured by a boat propeller. Tammy had over 38 pounds of barnacles, muscles and mud on her back that had to be removed. She also had to regrow a portion of her shell. A satellite tag was placed on Tammy’s’ back so they were able to track her movements from the New Jersey coast down to the Carolinas after she was released.

Since 2016 Sea Turtle Recovery has been able to successfully rehabilitate and release 34 sea turtles back into the wild. Sea Turtle Recovery continues to work hard because they see that the sea turtles never give up and STR won’t give up on them.

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“I’ve been a supporter of the Sea Turtle Recovery center at the Turtle Back Zoo since the day they opened. I believe in their mission and have seen the positive influence they are making by educating kids about sea turtles and the environmental impacts of pollution and litter. Our son, Asher, loves visiting the turtles and tracking their recovery” said Bloomfield Councilman Ted Gamble, who attended the event.  

Follow their Facebook page, Sea Turtle Recovery, for updates on the turtles and visit their website, http://Seaturtlerecovery.org, to learn more about their mission or to make a donation.