BLOOMFIELD, NJ – Giving back to the Bloomfield community is in the DNA of Kevin Edwards since he was a child.

Kevin Edwards, age 34 and a lifelong Bloomfield resident, is a senior air quality analyst at AKRF with over a decade of experience within the environmental consulting industry.  He focuses on air quality dispersion modeling, emissions inventories, emissions reduction planning, project management, and coordination of data sharing across technical departments.

His mother helped instill a strong sense of work-ethic at an early age while growing up in Bloomfield.

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“My mom grew up as the youngest of seven children and ended up having my twin brother (Terrence) and me – we were the youngest among all of our cousins,” Edwards told TAP.  “My mother and father were divorced before we were born, and my mother raised us.  Our youngest years were in eastern Long Island where we lived with my mother near a beach and much of the time was spent tiring us out.  At the time, we of course did not know, but my mom was working on getting accepted into an associate’s level program to become a radiation therapist technician.”

Through his pre-school and kindergarten years, he moved back in with his grandparents while his mother went to college for her career.  She was one of the first in the family to go to school and was able to reconnect with his grandparents via a shared responsibility through Kevin and his brother.

“We then lived in my aunt’s house for our year of first grade while my mother saved up to purchase our own house,” Edwards said.  “It was very nerve-racking for her, but she was able to go through the entire process and we moved into the town of Lindenhurst.  It was always difficult to juggle work, raising us, and having a life of her own – showing me that it is always important not to lose oneself.”

Kevin performed and managed the technical analyses on several notable projects in the greater New York area, including several neighborhood-wide rezoning projects around New York City in Jamaica, Hudson Square, East New York, and East Harlem.

Edwards spearheaded large-scale private development projects for Memorial Sloan Kettering-CUNY, St. George Waterfront Redevelopment & NY Wheel, Rockefeller University New River Building and One Vanderbilt.

Major transportation projects under his belt include Tappan Zee Hudson River Crossing, Susquehanna River Rail Crossing, Citywide Ferry Service Expansion, and Bayonne Bridge, as well as city infrastructure projects at Gowanus Canal Combines Sewer Outfall.

Edwards never forgot his roots, as he always gives back to the Bloomfield community and assists in efforts to keep township parks clean.

“While it was just the three of us in the house when I was growing up, we never felt a loss,” Edwards explained.  “We had several close family and friends that all raised my brother and me.  The importance I put on supporting and being a part of the Bloomfield community comes from this.  I’m always looking for ways to make an impact locally and become a part of the fabric of this amazing community.”

His mother did not often give lessons, but taught Kevin leadership and responsibility by example.

“Her going through college while raising us and relying on my grandparents is one of the biggest lessons I have ever received,” said Edwards.  “I may not have formalized it into words until I was college aged – that you can always move forward from the position you find yourself in and rely on those around you.  No matter how hard the road forward may look you can move ahead.”

Whenever there is a problem, Kevin focuses on how to move forward instead of looking at how he got there.

“You look back in order to understand and solve the problem,” Edwards concluded.  “It is after you have solved the problem that you can start solving the new problem of preventing it from happening again.”