BLOOMFIELD, NJ--Every year at this time Anthony's Cheesecake owners Anthony Lauro and Phil Byrne take advantage of the frenzy that follows the Big Game and have turned it into an opportunity to support a cause that they feel strongly about.  While traditional football pools pay out the full proceeds to the winners after each quarter, the pool run by the duo instead pays out the winners in gift cards to the award-winning eatery as a thanks for support, and all cash proceeds from those who buy a box, or a chance to win, goes directly to the Bloomfield Animal Shelter. 

After quickly selling out the first pool, a second pool was added.  At the time this article was written there were just a few boxes left so head over and help out the BAS and, while you're there, also satisfy your appetite. The $10.00 squares will raise $2000.00 for the Bloomfield Animal Shelter.

"Being in town for almost 25 years with both the Luncbox Deli and Anthony’s Cheesecake, we like to give back to the community somehow for all the support they have given us over the years. Phil and I really love this town and want to show our support" said Lauro.

Anthony's Cheesecake is located at 71 Washington Street, Bloomfield, NJ and can be reached at 973-415-8885