BLOOMFIELD, NJ--On 01/06/2020 at approximately 8:40 p.m. the below pictured suspects committed an armed robbery at the 7-11 located at 122 Bloomfield Ave, Bloomfield, NJ (corner of Ampere Parkway). During the course of the robbery, suspect # 2 dressed in all black, fired a single round at the ceiling. After firing the round, the suspect picked up the shell casing. Suspect #2 then jumped over the counter, emptied the contents of the cash register into a book bag and both suspects fled on foot towards Ampere Parkway.

Pictures of suspects and the vehicle that was used are pictured below. If anyone can help identify the suspect or the vehicle, please contact Det. Salvatore Cordi at or call Bloomfield Detective Bureau at 973-680-4084. Suspect #1 is described as a light skinned male wearing a grey hooded sweat shirt, black pants and black shoes. Approximately 25 years of age Suspect #2 is described as a darker skinned male wearing all black clothing, with white and black sneakers (Jordans). Both suspects were wearing ski masks and carried book bags.

The above is from the Bloomfield Police Department