We don’t know much about the Wise Men, or Magi as some call them. Were they curious or faithful? Whichever they were they moved forward in seeking to meet Jesus- Shouldn’t that be a lesson for us as well? 

The Magi were not told to go as the shepherds had been. They saw a bright star on the dark velvet backdrop of the sky- this star was something unusual.

Maybe the sign they had been waiting for – looking for- in any case, they decided to check it out. Sure they had gotten lost along the way, but they eventually made it to their destination- worshipped the Christ child- offering him their gifts- then traveled into the distance by taking a new route. 

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What will this year bring? Are we looking for a bright sign that God is doing something or showing us something new this year? Will we check it out going where God is leading us to go-knowing that even if we take a wrong turn- God will help us get back on the path chosen for us. 

Maybe this first Worship service of the New Year is your bright star-God trying to get your attention.

We encourage you to go where God is leading you to go so you too can move forward –seeking Jesus and in seeking him- you will find him too.

Happy New Year! Happy New Beginnings!

Rev. Susan Dorward

Brookdale Reformed Church

16 Bellevue Ave, Bloomfield NJ