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Crisper temperatures and the changing colors of the leaves makes us something a little more substantial for our meals, which might explain why October is National Sausage Month. Hearty and flavorful, sausage is great year around, but in cooler weather it’s a go-to food if you desire something tasty and filling.

Get ready for a New Jersey Date Night where you won’t get mad …  you’ll get sausage!

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Prepare for the Wurst

When it comes to all things wurst, look no further than Wurst Bar.  Located in Jersey City, this is the place to find a variety of sausages and a variety of beers and ciders to enjoy with them. 

It will be hard to resist the haus wurst (bratwurst or kielbasa served with sauerkraut, mustard, pickled onions and relish on a sweet roll), but you might be tempted by the Field Day (chicken wurst served with chopped bacon, cheese sauce, chives and fried onions on a sweet roll) or the Board to be Wild (wild boar and cheddar sausage with apple fennel slaw and jalapeño aioli on a sweet roll). 

If you want to spice things up, try the Fire Bird (smoked chicken wurst with fried hot chicken skins, hot honey and ranch on a sweet roll).

For more information about Wurst Bar, visit

Mr. Nice Mustard

Mickey & Minnie’s Inn has been a mainstay in Cologne since 1938. Family-owned and operated, you’ll find some of the best German food in New Jersey and their sausage offerings are fantastic. 

If you want to stop in for lunch, be sure to have the hot sausage sub served with a healthy dose of marinara.  For dinner, you and your date will be tempted by the bratwurst plate (served with apple sauerkraut and homemade beer and brat mustard).  But for the whole sausage experience, try the German wurst sampler (bratwurst, knockwurst and bochwurst served with apple sauerkraut and spicy mustard). 

Top off your evening with a toast from their Oktoberfest wine offerings including Dorfelder (notes of cherry and chocolate with a hint of citrus) or Gerwurztraminer (with peach, apricot and honeysuckle aromas).

For more information about Mickey & Minnie’s Inn, visit

Brats with a View

With beautiful marina views, Best of The Wurst in Riverside offers up great atmosphere and stellar food. 

Starting off your meal with the Wurst Salut (salad of German sausage marinated with red wine vinegar, onions, black pepper, spicy brown mustard and parsley and drizzled with a balsamic vinaigrette) is certainly in order.  Main dishes include the Best of the Wurst Platter (bratwurst, knockwurst, kielbasa, weisswurst and wurstchen served with sauerkraut and spaetzle) and the Polish sampler including golabki (sausage, ground beef, rice and seasonings wrapped in cabbage) with grilled smoked kielbasa with sauerkraut and pierogis. 

For more information about Best of The Wurst, visit

Sausage with a Twist

If you’re looking to be served a sausage to remember, Sebastian’s Schnitzelhaus is the place for you!

Located in Wrightsville, their menu includes a variety of offerings including a grilled wurst platter (bratwurst, knockwurst, bockwurst and wienerwurst served with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut) or perhaps just the bockwurst with German potato salad. For a real taste sensation, try the currywurst (knockwurst served in a curry sauce with French fries). 

Be sure not to stuff yourself with too much sausage because desert is a must! It will be difficult to choose between the bienenstich (a German pastry made with a sweet yeast dough with a baked-on topping of caramelized almonds filled with vanilla cream) or the classic black forest cake.

For more information about Sebastian’s Schnitzelhaus, visit

Encase You Were Wondering …

They say that the last thing you really want to do is watch sausage being made.  It’s not pleasant, nor is it necessarily pristine when all the components of this tasty meat are combined to make a solid, yet delectable dish. 

If you think about it, relationships are no different. The ingredients each bring to the union may be just fine as a stand-alone but it takes creative measurements of each in order to achieve that perfect flavor.  Measurements need to be augmented, ingredients need time to blend sufficiently and time is needed to create the perfect recipe.

But when that relationship recipe is perfected, it simply can’t be beat. And if you’re lucky enough in the kitchen to get it right, don’t waste time encasing your delectable dish and enjoy a lifetime of feasting.

Craig Rogers is the guy who gets relationships write. Author of The 49th Challenge, Craig has written countless articles on dating, relationships and breakup recovery. To learn more about Craig, visit

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