BRIDGEWATER, NJ - Each week, two students at Bridgewater-Raritan High School will be honored as students of the week.

Students are chosen by teachers and staff in the high school.

The students of the week for the week of April 3 are:

  • Josh Barnwell - (nominated by Kat Doherty) Josh is an all-around great student who has had a significant impactg on those surrounding him. He is hard-working and responsible, completing every assignment in class to the best of his ability. Furthermore, he is very respectful to me, and he is very personable and easy-going, enabling him to work well with all his peers. Josh also knows how to make learning fun with his great sense of humor and positive attitude. Whenever I need assistance with passing out papers or another student is struggling on an assignment, Josh is often the first person to volunteer to help. He is also involved in sports after school, which is a big time commitment, but he still manages to complete his school work and maintain a balanced life. It is hard to pinpoint just one trait that Josh should be recognized for this week because he is so well-rounded. Instead, I thought he deserved to be in the spotlight for all that he has done throughout the year to set a positive example for students to strive for at our school. I am very grateful that he has been a part of my class, and I know he has a bright future ahead of him.
  • Sonja Bolstad - (nominated by Kristen Vogel) Sonja is an enthusiastic and hard-working student in language and lit. She is always excited to talk about what we are learning in class, and she will often stay after class to continue our discussions. Sonja is able to take the topics we're learning about in lit and make connections to her other subjects and to her own life. Besides being a phenomenal student in lit, she is an amazing artist who brings her talent to every activity we do in class. Thanks, Sonja, for making me smile in fourth period every day.

Editors Note - Every week we will publish the BRHS Students of the Week. Congratulations to all those students recognized.