BRIDGEWATER, NJ - If you drive by Route 202/206 between Foothill Road and Brown Road in Bridgewater, then chances are you’ve already met the 13 Skeletons!

The 13 Skeletons have been making their appearance every year from Oct. 1 to Oct. 31, since 2006. Their hosts, the Adams (yes, Adams, not Addams!) family is like any other family … a family with a busy schedule, a family with school-going children, a family that just wants to have some fun! Every year a new story unravels in the Adams' front yard. Each skeleton plays a unique character in this theatrical production. On cue from director Mr. Adams, the skeletons make one dramatic entrance after another leading up to the grand finale on Halloween night! The script to every production is well-thought through by Mr. Adams and his trusted band of writers at their kitchen table. And you would think that they spend all year round scheming for the plot, but in reality they just whip it up as October draws close.

And that’s what creativity is all about, isn’t it? Letting thoughts flow and not limiting ourselves to a fixed plan. Not being afraid of making mistakes, but creatively building on those so called mistakes or experiments!

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That is exactly how it all started for the Adams family. Mr. Adams put a few skeletons out to begin with. He wasn’t quite sure of how he wanted to place them, so he started experimenting with their arrangement. He'd play around by towering them one on top of the other, placing them sideways or turning them upside down. Passing by neighbors and their children were intrigued and some thought that the skeletons were moving around … intentionally! This inspired Mr. Adams to step it up further. He and his family then decided to start adding a storyline to their yard, rather than only towering the skeletons up. Ever since, every year, the skeletons have been blown out of the ground by a pretend grenade, they’ve attended balancing school, they’ve snuck out of a trunk, rode on trucks and horses, put up acts of juggling and balancing and so much more! To add to the drama and suspense, Mr. Adams has been maintaining a Facebook page since 2010, which has over the years reached 40,000 people across the globe. The audience of 13 Skeletons, whether local or virtual, looks forward to a new story unfolding every year on the Adams’ front yard and on their Facebook page through their “corny rhymes”, as stated by Mr. Adams.

So you see folks, art is in no way limited to a few expressional forms. Art is everywhere … around you and inside you. Art can be formed out of anything and anywhere, out of simple everyday objects or, as in this case, the Adams family’s love for Halloween! They simply picked up 13 skeletons, a few constructional objects and over the years evolved it into an interactive art-scape that is looked forward to by thousands. It’s as pleasant a detour in the observers’ routines as much as it is for the Adams family. That gives to us as a community, something that I like to call "the circle of positivity" – where creation leads to appreciation, which leads to inspiration for more creation! I’m sure you’d agree with me when I say this that in this world full of craziness and growing negativity, any positivity will be welcomed with open arms.  

With that, here’s a big thank you to the Adams family on behalf of Bridgewater residents and folks around the world for keeping it creative and keeping it fun! Here’s also wishing everyone out there a very Happy Halloween! If you haven’t already … go check out the 13 Skeletons tonight in their circus act for 2014! It may just be your last chance … well, at least until next year.

Have a creative day!