BRIDGEWATER, NJ - The board of education officially approved a resolution to speak out against lingering problems with the PARCC exams, which recently finished throughout the state.

The board had passed an initial resolution objecting to the speed at which the testing was implemented, among other concerns, in February 2015. A revised version of the resolution was approved April 26, acknowledging some changes and addressing other concerns.

According to the resolution, the board remains concerned about budgetary impacts from the PARCC exam, technological constraints, over-testing of high school students and the length of time it takes to get the results of the test.

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In the resolution, the board requested that PARCC results be delivered to the schools during the summer so that educators can interpret the test data and determine ways to improve student performance.

The board also encouraged the elimination of a graduation requirement associated with the PARCC test, and requested that the state provide districts with additional funding to support the administration of the exam.

A copy of the resolution will be distributed to the governor, commissioner of education, state board of education and the Senate and Assembly education committees.