BRHS Seniors Receive Scholarships, Awards


BRIDGEWATER, NJ - Bridgewater-Raritan High School held its annual senior awards ceremony June 2 to honor its graduating students.

Scholarships and awards were handed out for academics, sports and more.

Here are the awards recipients:

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·      Jennifer Fang

·      Kunal Hegde

·      Liam McGill

·      Jeremy Meola

·      Aneek Patel

·      Richard Wu

·      Yunchao Wu


·      Joelle Abi-Nader

·      Joseph Bruno-Metzger

·      Joshua Chan

·      Abigail Delgado

·      Sahaj Desai

·      Sameer Dhavalikar

·      Ryan Durac

·      Sydney Engelstein

·      Archit Gupta

·      Shivani Gupta

·      Chandni Gurnani

·      Emily He

·      Amy Ho

·      Shrenik Jain

·      Gina Kim

·      Erica Koplitz

·      Nikhil Kunapuli

·      Robert Lavroff

·      Skyler Le

·      Kevin Li

·      Stephanie Lin

·      Sarah Malek

·      Brendan Mao

·      Sahil Mehrotra

·      Ana Melentijevic

·      Sarika Menon

·      Nicole Palumbo

·      Arjun Patel

·      Riya Patel

·      Priyanka Rathnam

·      Aasha Reddy

·      Rachel Saperstein

·      Victoria Shi

·      Jennifer Xu

·      Emily Zheng

·      Emily Zinnikas


·      Eirene Oji


In recognition of academic promise and distinguished performance

·      Jennifer Fang


Colgate-Palmolive Company

·      Devon Lawler

Macy’s, Inc.

·      Nicole Palumbo

Dow Jones & Company, Inc.

·      Zhuo Ya Zhang


·      Brian Flax

·      Jaleen Harrington


·      Nicolas Mann


Awarded to a deserving senior who has demonstrated a caring attitude towards others, has overcome challenges and has worked to his or her full potential

·      Celise Fabio


·      Willie Bu

·      Brian Chen

·      Justin Chou

·      Archit Gupta

·      Alexander Jia

·      Shelby Sharkey

·      Jakub Sitarz


·      Connor Eckert


·      Joseph Bruno-Metzger


Awarded for excellence in both work performance and scholastic achievement

·      Kelly Blackwood

·      Matthew Cook

·      Mark DeLong

·      Danielle Gyurko

·      Danielle Nisenson

·      Kelsey Santos

·      Kayleen Vargas


Andrew J. and Dolores C. Hudec Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to students who exhibit tenacity, social and educational growth, and service to the school

·      Rebecca Poliacik

·      Cory Shay

Andrew J. Haberle Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to a student of character matriculating at Raritan Valley Community College

·      Jessica Martinez

Bernice Franchino Memorial Scholarship Award

Awarded for academic excellence to a student of good character who attended Bradley Gardens School

·      Emily He

Bonnie Mech Memorial Business Award

Awarded to seniors who have participated and excelled in the Academic Internship Program and have taken other business classes

·      Alexandra Epifan

Danielle Fedortion Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to a student or students that exhibit good citizenship and commitment to academic achievement and community service, particularly involvement in Danielle Fedortion charity events

·      Katie Bernitz

·      Eileen Blood

Diane S. Abitabilo Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to a female student who has a compassion for humanity, community involvement and academic achievement

·      Stephanie Lin

“Dolfe” Barberi Scholarship Fund—In Memory of Adolph J. Barberi—Raritan Republicans

Awarded to Raritan students in good standing

·      Adam Murphy

·      Nicole Staropoli

Harris Cohen Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to seniors who are both a scholar and an athlete

·      Michael Fair

·      Leah Watson

Harry Robinson Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to a student studying electronics at DeVry Institute or studying technology at RVCC or Somerset County Vocational Institute

·      Gregory Bulmer

Dr. Joseph P. McGarry Scholarship

Awarded to a female senior pursuing a science education

·      Kyle Lutz

Mary Zsuffa Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to a student who intends to be a secondary school teacher preference given to business education

·      Sara Tatum

Michael E. Dolegiewitz Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to seniors in good academic standing and good character. Students should be  active members of the marching band, jazz band and played on  the volleyball team. In addition, a member of the Blessed Sacrament Youth Group

·      Abigail Clinton

·      Sean Noonan

Robert M. Fogarty Memorial Scholarship Award

Awarded to a senior who has excelled and is planning a career involving computers

·      Matthew Cook

·      Loreto Martino


Alexandra & Ronald Vitale Education Scholarship

Awarded to a senior who plans on becoming an elementary school teacher and has participated in extracurricular activities

·      Alicia Regnault

American Legion Post 280 Raritan - John Basilone Raritan Scholarship

Awarded to a student who has interest in the military, upheld the USA Constitution, defends it and respects the flag

·      Nicole Staropoli

AXA Equitable Achievement Community Scholarship Award

Awarded to a senior for community service

·      Shelby Sharkey

Beacon Achievement Award

Awarded to a student who attained extraordinary success under unique circumstances

·      Emily Bendavid

Beacon Service Award

Awarded to a student devoted to improving the lives of individuals with special needs

·      Taylor Kaschak

Bridgewater Democratic Municipal Committee Scholarship - In Memory of Richard Simon, Esq.

Awarded to a student with a grade point of 3.0 or above and has dedicated an exceptional amount of time to volunteer service to the community

·      Sahil Mehrotra

Bridgewater-Raritan Education Association—Local General Scholarship

Awarded to students who worked to potential, contributed to school, participated in activities and displayed consideration for others

·      Joshua Chan

·      Julia Chong

·      Shivani Gupta

·      Robert Lavroff

·      Sachin Parikh

·      Apoorva Rao

Bridgewater-Raritan High School’s 1970’s Alumni

Awarded to students who display financial need, and will be attending either RVCC or Somerset County Technical Institute after High school

·      Kyle Chalmers

Bridgeway Senior Healthcare Nursing Scholarship

Awarded to a student pursuing a career in nursing

·      Hubert Hsu

Bridgewater Women’s Club

Awarded to a female for excellence in academics and volunteerism and is pursuing a career in health and medicine

·      Kelsey Santos

Carmelo Sciortino “Philosophy of Life” Scholarship

·      Daniella Greco

·      Robert Stein

Central New Jersey Reading Association of the International Reading Association

Awarded to students to have worked hard while reading material for English or Spanish; worked diligently in all classes and who have demonstrated persistence and a willingness to improve.

·      Nicholas Agnello

·      Andrew Caola

Counseling & Therapy Services

Awarded to a student pursuing a career in social work or psychology

·      Frankie Garruto

Frank Chiaravalli Scholarship

Awarded to one student in the sciences and one student in the mathematics department

·      Mickey Avenoso

·      Sara Tatum

Future Nurse Scholarship—Somerset County School Nurses’ Association

Awarded to a student pursuing a nursing career, who values their education and contributed to the community and school

·      Danielle Gyurko

Hamilton Distinguished Alumni Award

Awarded to the student with the highest GPA of a Hamilton Elementary School Graduate

·      Robert Lavroff

Hindu Temple and Cultural Society Bridgewater Educational Scholarship

Awarded to a male and a female for academic excellence and community service contributing to multiculturalism and respect to all races and religions in the school and community

·      Sarah Malek

·      Chetan Reddy

Joāo José “John” Santos Charitable Organization Award

Awarded to seniors who will pursue a higher education in the Mental Health field. Student who possess an outstanding academic achievement and are hardworking along with accomplishments in community service

·      Lauren Moss

Knights of Columbus Our Lady of the Hills Council #5959 The John Parello Memorial Award

Awarded for academic leadership, participation and service achievements

·      Noah Schissler

Knights of Columbus - Our Lady of the Hills Council #5959 - The Joseph P. Marinaccio Memorial Scholarship

Awarded for academic, leadership, participation and service achievements

·      Sean Noonan

Knights of Columbus Our Lady of the Hills Council #5959

Awarded for academic, leadership, participation and service achievements

·      Matthew Lenahan

·      Jennifer Wisniewski

The Law Office of Carl A. Taylor III—Future Lawyer Scholarship

Awarded to a student interested in law and a future legal career, participation in debate forensics, mock trial, classes involving law and government

·      Gina Kim

Lynn Bray Service Award

Awarded to a student who is an athlete, is a leader in the school or athletics, has a B or better average and at least 25 volunteer hours outside of school

·      Shelby Sharkey

Millington Savings Bank

Awarded to worthy students planning to further their education

·      Christopher Carle

·      Varun Reddy

P.E.O. Star Scholarship

Recognizes excellence in leadership, extra-circular activities, community service, academics and potential for success

·      Shivani Gupta

PeopleCare Center for Nonprofits, Inc.

Awarded to a Somerset County high school student

·      Emily He

Rotary Club of Somerville and Bridgewater Scholarship

To a deserving senior student from Somerset county

·      Michael Sheelar

Ryan William Flederbach Scholarship (Ace’s Premium Spring Water Co.)

Awarded to a student who is pursuing a business career and wants to start his/her own business; an entrepreneur

·      Kathryn Renye

Somerset Aerie #2137 Fraternal Order of the Eagles

Awarded to a student who has maintained

·      Kelly Noll

St. Clair Family Speech and Debate Award

Awarded to a senior recognized both in academic excellence and achievement in any format of speech or debate. Members of the forensic teams and competitive public speaking

·      Gina Kim

Syage Academic Achievement Award

Awarded to a student who has best demonstrated the motivation and dedication to reach his or her potential without allowing educational challenges to stand in his or her way of success

·      Matthew Hadley

Third Reformed Church

Awarded to a student with distinguished service to the community, participation in local events or charitable organizations

·      Meghan Calabrese

United States Army Green Beret Sgt. Andrew T. Lobosco  Scholarship Award–Value Towing Services & Auto Recycling

Awarded to a student who strives for excellence, demonstrating courage and good judgment

·      Keith Schroeder

Women in Geosciences (Prudential Matching Gift Scholarship)

Awarded to female students who excel in the sciences (GPA 3.8+) with priority for those studying Earth Sciences or Biology

·      Jennifer Fang

·      Kathryn Lonsdorf

·      Aubrey Phillips

·      Rachel Skayhan

·      Michelle Uminski

·      Sahana Vahora

·      Aneri Vakharia

The Epic Award

Yearbook Senior Editors

·      Zhuo Ya Zhang

Key Club Service Award

Awarded to a student who has demonstrated leadership and involvement in community service

·      Michelle Uminski

Drama Awards

Awarded for outstanding dedication and contributions to the Drama Club

·      Gillian Erlenborn


The Council Achievement Award

Awarded to a student who shows outstanding service and dedication to the senior class

·      Ryan Bliss

·      Tiffany Carra

·      Melanie Haig

The Distinguished Excellence Award

·      John Fanning

The John Basilone Leadership Award

·      Leah Watson


Awarded for Scholarship, Leadership and Service

·      Elizabeth Barrett

·      Arthur Bonser

·      Gregory Bulmer

·      Victoria Carra

·      Joshua Chan

·      Andrew Chen

·      Abigail Clinton

·      Austin Crudo

·      Christian Dahl

·      Dominique Dahl

·      Tyler Darby

·      Femin Dhokiya

·      Christine Egan

·      Kyle Fanurik

·      David Fernandes

·      Sara Gillies

·      James Graziani

·      Ashley Griffith

·      Maria Gude

·      Shivani Gupta

·      Kelsey Hollingsworth

·      Christopher Hughes

·      Brianna Leary

·      Kyle Lutz

·      Nicolas Mann

·      Melissa McGahan

·      Sarah Moody

·      Sarah Muldoon

·      Paul Mulholland

·      Shivani Parekh

·      Matthew Rickards

·      Matthew Sakasitz

·      Kelsey Santos

·      Alexandra Schroppe

·      Shelby Sharkey

·      Timothy Singh

·      Eric Tai

·      Carmen Triola

·      Jessica Villa

·      Allison Walsh

·      Jennifer Wisniewski

·      Richard Wu

·      Julian Yarmouth

·      Noel Zucchero


Awarded for Character, Perseverance and Achievement

·      Michael Alesandro

·      Mickey Avenoso

·      Kunal Dani

·      Sameer Dhavalikar

·      Shrenik Jain

·      Daniel Kopf

·      Christian Ortmann

·      Aasaha Reddy

·      Michael Reisser

·      Alessandra Sanchez

·      Darnell Thigpen

·      Zachary Tinn


Awarded for participation, sportsmanship and pride as a BR Athlete who has lettered in at least one varsity

·      Emily Arditti

·      Mickey Avenoso

·      Matthew Bloom

·      Noelle Buckley

·      Kunal Dani

·      John Fanning

·      Jillian Figel

·      Jake Ghanaim

·      James Graziani

·      Shrenik Jain

·      Matthew Koskinen

·      Jennifer Kozyra

·      Matthew Lenahan

·      Samantha Lisk

·      Megan Massari

·      Sean Noonan

·      Alexandra Paul

·      Shelby Sharkey

·      Jennifer Sitrin

·      Jaclyn Stagg

·      Leah Watson


·      John Fanning

·      Taylor Kaschak

·      Kyle Kiernan

·      Rebecca Rainey

·      Chelsea Wojciechowski

·      Christie Wukovits


Dr. Leonard Herman, Supervisor


Overall Business Education Program

·      Matthew Bloom

Academic Internship Program

·      Nicole Zevallos

Accounting Program

·      Tyler Johnson

Computer Program

·      Zachary Larson


Awarded for excellence in all areas

·      Julia Meier

Awarded for excellence in Fashion Design

·      Anna Esposito

·      Alexis Perez

Awarded for excellence in Family and Child

·      Chloe Zarcone

Awarded for excellence in Foods

·      Audrey Sweetwood



·      Julia Meier

Wood Technology

·      Christopher Cummins


Dr. Leonard Herman, Supervisor

Outstanding Overall Achievement In Fine Art

·      Apoorva Rao

Painting & Drawing

·      Nicholas D’Alessio

·      Haley Longo

Mixed Media

·      Alexandra Schroppe


·      Karina Jimenez

Music Department Award

Awarded for outstanding overall achievement in music

·      Michael Sheelar

National School Choral Award

Awarded for outstanding achievement in Choral Music

·      Noel Zucchero

Choral Director’s Award

Awarded for exceptional dedication and service to the overall BRHS choral program

·      Joshua Acampado

·      David Fernandes

Choral Music Award

Awarded for special achievement in Choral Music and contributions to the choral program

·      Chelsea Crane

·      Caitlin Curran

·      Rachel Estrada

·      William Jackson

·      Sarah Oliver

·      Ananya Rajgarhia

·      Dana Roberts

·      Snigdaa Sethuram

·      Estiven Ulate

BRHS Outstanding Soloist Award

Awarded for exceptional solo performance and achievement

·      Nancy (Naeun) Kim

National School Orchestra Award

Awarded for outstanding achievement in Orchestral Music

·      Rachel Lesser

·      Sydney Whaley

Orchestra Award

Awarded to outstanding orchestra members

·      Justin Chou

·      Ryan Durac

·      Jennifer Fang

·      Amy Ho

·      Tracey Hsieh

·      Alexandra Jasko

·      Joshua Martin

·      Aasha Reddy

The Connie Tarentino Music Memorial Award

Awarded to an individual of excellent musicianship who has enthusiastically participated and served in the various high school band and/or orchestra ensembles

·      Gillian Erlenborn


Mr. James Challandes, Interim Supervisor

Awarded for outstanding achievement in English over a four-year period

·      Kelly Noll

Most improved achievement and effort in English

·      Cory Shay


Mr. Michael Poe, Supervisor

Awarded for four years of outstanding achievement in mathematics

·      Ananya Rajgarhia

William Apsley Memorial Scholarship

Awarded for “B” or better average in all math courses; contributions to the school; participation in at least one sport; concern and respect for others; and a sense of humor

·      Jessica Schwed


Brian Henry, Interim, Administrative Assistant for Health and Physical Education

Awarded for outstanding achievement in Physical Education

·      William Barber

·      Emily Szeflinski


Mr. Michael Herbst, Supervisor

Excellence in Chemistry

·      Stephanie Lin

Excellence in Biology

·      Ana Melentijevic

Excellence in Physics

·      Ananya Rajgarhia

Excellence in Environmental Science

·      Mark Neubauer


Mr. William Ferry, Supervisor

Awarded for achievement in Social Studies

·      Aspen Schneider

·      Jessica Schwed

·      Hannah Teller

Daughters of the American Revolution Old Whitehouse
General Frelinghuysen Colonel Lowrey Chapter Good Citizen Award

Awarded for excellence in American History

·      Alexandra Pelligrino


Dr. Ulrike Klett, Supervisor

Awarded for excellence in Chinese

·      Joshua Chan

Awarded for excellence In French

·      Joelle Abi-Nader

Awarded for excellence in German

·      Shrenik Jain

Awarded for excellence in Italian

·      Apoorva Rao

Awarded for excellence in Latin

·      Carmen Triola

Awarded for excellence in Spanish

·      Sara Alonso

Anthony Ricciardi Memorial Award

Awarded for excellence in written and oral Italian

·      Femin Dhokiya

John Henninger Memorial Award

Awarded for excellence in written and oral German

·      Mark Neubauer

Awarded for excellence in World Languages

·      Liam McGill

Confucius Award

Awarded for excellence in written and oral Chinese

·      Robert Lavroff

·      Tina Mao

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