BRIDGEWATER, NJ - The Bridgewater Township Council recently approved an ordinance for over $1 million in sewer improvements for the municipality, but not without some concerns expressed by at least one official.

The council approved an ordinance for $1.05 million worth of various sewer improvements by a 4-0 vote, following a public hearing in which no one from the audience spoke. Council members and town administrators, though, had more to say.

Council vice president Matthew Moench said there was no explanation for the $1.05 million cost, and originally said he would vote “no” on the matter. Moench had earlier raised concerns about how town officials selected particular roads for improvement, with questions lingering over staff input and the road rating system that was utilized.

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Township administrator James Naples said that Old Farm Road had been chosen for reconstruction because its surface was deteriorating, and there was also no sewer system currently installed there. He also said that a chip seal had been performed there in the past, but it didn’t take with the soil.

Naples added that the town wanted to put a sanitary sewer in first, and then take care of the surface on Old Farm Road, a stretch where there are 12 to 15 homes. Councilman Howard Norgalis added that the system would be one of three feeders, stretching from east to west in the township.

The council also passed over a dozen resolutions at its last meeting, in three separate votes. Two resolutions that would have awarded contracts for curbside brush collection were removed from the council’s agenda prior to the meeting and were not voted on.

The resolutions that were passed all did so by a 4-0 vote. The first increased the amount for appointment of an auditor for the 2017 (municipal) audit to Suplee Clooney & Company of Westfield, for an additional $1,240 in the total amount of $63,400.

Also awarded were nine professional engineering/surveying/inspection services contracts, which were all approved simultaneously by the council. All but two will be funded through the 2017 capital bonds.

The first was for the BWT-4 Road Improvement Project (English Court, Graybar Drive and Seville Court) to Keller & Kirkpatrick, Inc., out of Morris Plains, for $22,700, which will be funded through the 2017 Capital Fund. The second was for the BWT-5 Road Improvement Project: Harding Road (Route 202/206 to Victor Street) and Byrd Avenue (Route 202/206 to a point 175 feet west of William Street), which went to Hals Engineering Company, from Oakland, for $36,300.

The third contract was for the Garretson Road Improvement Project – Section V (Downey Road to the western Bridgewater-Raritan High School driveway) to the Reynolds Group, Inc., out of Raritan, for $84,800. The fourth was also for the Garretson Road Improvement Project, this time for Section VI (Easton Turnpike to Hill Lane) to Keller & Kirkpatrick, Inc., of Morris Plains, for $71,600, funded through the 2017 capital fund.

The fifth contract was for the Morgan Lane Road Improvement Project (entire length) to Van Cleef Engineering Associates, LLC out of Hillsborough for $48,900. Van Cleef was also awarded the contract for the Mountainside Lane Road Improvement Project (entire length) for $41,150.

The contract for the Stangle Road Improvement Project (entire length) went to the Reynolds Group, Inc., for $25,400. Van Cleef was awarded the contract for the Woodland Terrace Road Improvement Project (entire length), in the amount of $57,500. Lastly, the contract for the Elm Drive Road Improvement Project (entire length) went to Hals Engineering Company for $53,200.