BRIDGEWATER, NJ - Bridgewater Township’s 2016 Chip Seal Roadway Resurfacing Program is beginning around Sept. 12, on a number of different roads throughout the township.

The roads being done this year are Avery Court, Deforest Lane, Joanne Court, Kershaw Court, McCathern Court, King Drive, Purcell Road-West, Francist Drive, Zander Lane, Reinhart Way, DeLorenzo Lane, Evans Lane, Noble Court, Ten Brook Court, Schaal Court and Larsen Court.

Chip seal resurfacing is a two-step process, according to the township, which first requires the application of an asphalt emulsion on top of existing pavement, followed by laying down a thin layer of crush stone and then pressing it into the asphalt coating.

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Some roads will require a second application as well, which is done on the same day as the first.

About two or three weeks later, according to the township, the second step is done, which includes sweeping the roads to remove residual loose stone chips and applying a slurry seal.

This will only affect travel on the roads when the paving contractor is actually doing the work.

Anyone with questions or concerns can contact the township engineering office at 908-725-6300, ext. 5500.