BRIDGEWATER, NJ - With Earth Day occurring this month, many children in Bridgewater are speaking out about a concern over the loss of trees along Route 202/206 at the insMED property.

A number of local students wrote a letter to the township planning board and mayor requesting that approval not be granted in the future for the removal of so many trees in town.

The plan for the new building was released in September 2018, with an expectation that the building will open in late spring. As part of the renovations of the property, a large section of trees was cut down along Route 202/206.

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But many children in Bridgewater expressed their dismay over the loss of trees, particularly around Earth Day.

Below is the letter they sent to the planning board and mayor April 21, in its entirety:

Dear Planning Board Members and Mr. Mayor:

We the children of Bridgewater are writing to tell you how upset we are that the trees were
destroyed at the insMed Property.

When we saw what was happening, we were mad and in shock. We could not believe that this
was happening! How could someone do this?

In school, every year, we celebrate Holidays and Events such as Arbor Day and Earth Day and
study and read about the effects of deforestation around the world, yet, here it was happening
right in our own neighborhood and community! What would the Lorax think? What lesson are we

During the winter, many animals hibernate in areas like that! How many animals, some maybe
even endangered, lost their homes, and maybe even their offspring? It’s just like when the
Onceler came in and destroyed the Truffula Trees.

Well, just like The Lorax, instead of staying angry, we are taking action. We are writing this letter
to tell you that we don’t like the decision you made and we are watching, our parents are
watching and we are counting on you to make sure that nothing like this happens again. We
want to see leaders of our town represent us, not just our parents. We see our environment as
one that must be protected, not destroyed. There is too much of that these days!

We will leave you with this poem:

The Death of a Tree by Edwina Reizer

When I see a tree cut down
whose life was not yet done
I look upon it with a frown
and then look at the sun.
For the sun that nurtured every limb
and every leafy branch
has one less tree to care for
that never had a chance
to say to man
''Don't cut me down.
Don't let me die.
Don't let the sap
within me dry.'
For every tree that's been alive
that's grown upon this earth
is a gift from nature to us all
that's always known its worth.
The problem as I see it
is man who cannot see
just what it probably feels like?
To be the cut down tree.

Thank You on Behalf of our Fellow Friends & Neighbors,

Parents of the 33 children who signed the letter asked for their names to be withheld.

At this time, the families have not received a response from the township.