BRIDGEWATER, NJ - Bridgewater Township introduced an ordinance Thursday with plans for moving forward on more than $6.2 million worth of road projects throughout the township, an increase of more than $1.6 million over 2016.

The funds in the ordinance also include an additional appropriation of $600,00 that was added into from the recently passed amendments to the 2017 budget.

The ordinance for $6.2 million and the issuance of $5.909 million in bonds appropriates funds for complete reconstruction and design on Hauck Road, Donahue Road, Dow Road, Drumhill Road, Braemar Place, Country Club Road, Adamsville Road and Colonial Way. Overlays are also included for the entire length of Crim Road, portions of Foothill Road, the entire length of Milltown Road, entire length of North Shore Drive, entire length of South Shore Drive, portions of Talamini Road and the entire length of Carteret Road.

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“The council recognizes that taxes and infrastructure are two of the most important issues to our Bridgewater residents, and we are determined to deliver for our taxpayers,” councilman Matthew Moench said in a release. “We understand the necessity to ensure that we are improving our roadways to enhance the quality of life of our residents, and we were proud to amend our budget to put additional resources into improving our infrastructure.”

Councilman Filipe Pedroso agreed.

“Improving our roads is not just about convenience, but it is also an economic issue for our residents,” Pedroso said in the release. “Not only do road improvements lower costs by reducing car repairs, but it enhances the value of our homes, makes the township more attractive to businesses and helps to fuel the local economy.”

“This year, we are increasing our investment to address the issue, and do so in a fiscally responsible way for our taxpayers,” he added. “I look forward to voting for this ordinance for final action and having the road work get underway as quickly as possible.”

Public hearings will be held on the ordinance June 19.